Greenville High AcademyAbout Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster excellence by empowering students to become critical thinkers, productive citizens, and lifelong learners.  Academically grounded and motivated for success, today’s graduates are well-prepared to enter the workforce or to attend the finest colleges and universities across the nation.  Pride in the community and in its heritage permeates the school.


The philosophy of Greenville High School rests on faith and hope.  We share faith that our students will benefit from the knowledge, skills, and values that we teach.  We share the hope that our students will use this knowledge for responsible choice making.

We believe that the educational program should respond to the individual student’s life and to the issues that concern, excite, and engage the student in the curriculum.

 We believe the teaching task is to help the student know and to encourage the expression of his knowledge.

 We believe we can provide context and support for the acquisition of knowledge.


The educational program at Greenville High School will strive to achieve the following objectives: 

  • To offer a variety of educational opportunities for students to develop individually their mental and physical capacities.
  • To meet specific needs of students who are moving directly into the job force, who are going into military service, or who are continuing their formal education at a technical school or college.
  • To provide opportunities for students to communicate their goals and expectations and to offer classes and activities to help them meet these expectations.
  • To provide students with a broad base of experiences, which will allow them to recognize their own personal worth, abilities, and needs.
  • To assist students as they develop self-esteem through their performance in academics and co-curricular activities and to further enhance their self-esteem by showing an interest in their personal lives.
  • To provide an environment that enables students to function as citizens in a democratic society.
  • To encourage students and staff to appreciate, respect, and care for all people, even those different from themselves.
  • To offer students and staff a variety of opportunities from which they will gain an understanding of heritages, an appreciation of diversity, and an awareness of current social concerns.
  • To impress upon students the meaning of responsibility by teaching them that there is a consequence for every action.
  • To provide a climate conducive to academic pursuits that promotes healthy bodies, minds, and spirits and enhances learning in a safe environment with sufficient facilities and equipment.
  • To maintain disciplinary standards that create a comfortable atmosphere for learning.
  • To challenge all students to raise their reading comprehension levels and to improve their speaking and writing skills.
  • To provide programs that expose students to different art forms—including the fine arts, performing arts, and vocational arts.
  • To provide co-curricular opportunities that promote physical fitness and enjoyment of recreational activities.
  • To provide counseling opportunities for all students through the formal services of the Guidance Department and the informal activities of the entire team of staff members.
  • To provide appropriate learning experiences for students to use concepts and practice skills presented in classroom instruction.
  • To provide appropriate positive role models for students as they observe teachers working cooperatively, presenting innovative lessons, and expressing enthusiasm for learning.
  • To promote frequent communication among parents, guardians, students, and staff.
  • To provide and promote staff development in new teaching strategies and assessment methods.
  • To empower staff, students, parents, and community members with the opportunity to make decisions together on the selection of new staff members and administrators and on all issues of critical importance to the function of the school.