From Our Principal

Chandler Creek Champions 2020-2021

Dear Chandler Creek Families,

Jane Mills, PrincipalWelcome to the 2020- 2021 School Year. Our school staff is eager to teach each child that enters our school and create a classroom setting where they can flourish.

Our school mission speaks to empowering student to be leaders, learners, and caring citizens. We believe that students are the greatest imitators and if we model a caring classroom setting, a safe school climate, and a culture which is built on the belief that students can learn, we can succeed. 

Despite unusual times navigating the Covid Pandemics, we see that our students are excited to return to school and we must model a positive and student centered outlook in our lessons, our conversations, and our actions at home and in school. 

Chandler Creek Elementary School is a school built for children and as our doors open, we have high expectations which will allow our students to flourish. As adults, more than ever before, we can lift up our students and teach them at home and in school, that they can achieve their dreams. 

Our school hashtag this year is #cceTogether. Join us as we capture the hearts of students and create and sustain opportunities which build the foundation for their futures. We are confident that 2020-2021, will be the school year that impacts a new generation of learners.

In service to our community,
Jane Mills, Passionate Principal