BMS School Improvement Council

School Improvement Councils are in every school as mandated by state law.  The purpose of the SIC is to work effectively with the school and its principal to open new areas of opportunity to the school and its community. The SIC meets the second Tuesday of each month at 1:30 P.M. Meeting agendas and approved minutes are located in the front office.

Council Members 2016-17

Melissa Marsh         Chairperson

Teresa Carson         Parent

Dale McMinn           Parent

Heidi Rugg              Parent

Fritzi Cole               Teacher

Denise Lambert        Faculty Member

Paula Bruce             Administrator

William Crawford      Community Member

Katrina Jones           Community Member

Leon Hunt                Community Member



Ex- Officio Members

Dr. Adrienne Davenport     Principal         

Heidi Rugg                         PTA President

Denise Lambert                 Guidance Counselor

David Schoolfield               Administrator