How To Turn in Assignments in Google Classroom (added 5/4 )

Grading Guidelines for eLearning (Parent message from Greenville County Schools)-updated 4/8.

This information is also covered in Dr. Davenport's Daily Announcements on April 8, 2020.  The link to view this is located here: Dr. Davenport's Daily Announcement 4.8.20

Downloadable Materials for eLearning (eLearning 1.0 & 2.0 only)

eLearning 1.0 Packets: March 18-April 2

eLearning 2.0 Packets: April 3-9 & 20-24

eLearning 3.0 Packets 

Need help understanding Google Classroom? Greenville County Schools has put together this resource to help parents/caregivers understand and assist their students navigate Google Classroom, the platform used for eLearning. View/download a copy of The Parents' Guide to Google Classroom

Greenville County Schools Parents eLearning Page 


Did you Know?

eLearning Calendar

The following calendar has been created to assist students with eLearning. The first 10 days, beginning on March 18, encompasses eLearning 1.0 lessons. Now that  statewide school closure has been extended to April 30th, eLearning 2.0/3.0 lessons will be posted to students via Google Classroom. 

eLearning 1.0: March 18 - April 2
eLearning 2.0: April 3 - 9 & April 20 - 24 
eLearning 3.0: April 27 - May 8

image_eLearnign Calendar Update