Bryson Middle School Book Club

Next Meeting is November 30th  from 3:30 - 4:30pm 

Our next meeting will be Thursday Nov. 30th. We will be discussing the Book "Fort" by Cynthia DeFelice

The Book Club designates a book each month that members will read and then discuss at our next meeting. Students get to nominate the book to be selected for the reading each month. The student whose book suggestion was selected for the month leads the book discussion during the meeting. The next month's book is selected at the end of the meeting and announced the following week. There is a sign-up sheet outside of Mrs. Konczal's room for those who plan on attending the monthly meetings.

When the opportunity presents itself, we go and see movies that are based on the books we have read or see authors speak. For example, we awaited the arrival of the last Harry Potter book together at midnight after going to the movies to see Order of the Phoenix. Last year we went together to see Maya Angelou speak at the Peace Center.

Club Sponsors

Mrs. Sherry Konczal, 8th grade Language Arts teacher
Phone: 355-2150

Mrs. Patti Barker, Media Specialist
Phone: 355-2106

Requirements for Membership

  1. All students that enjoy reading are encouraged to join.
  2. Members are required to read the "Book of the Month" in order to participate.
  3. Students are to bring a snack that goes with the book to share.
  4. Students must have a ride prearranged to pick them up after the meeting.