Attendance Website

Bryson Middle School Attendance Clerk- Naomi Clay

Welcome to the Bryson Middle School Attendance Website. On this website parents and/or guardians will be able to submit an excuse in regards to your child's absences, review attendance policies and other important information. Please use the Attendance Absence Form to send in your child's absence  excuse. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the attendance office directly at 864-355-2101 or email

•TARDIES - Doors open at 7:45 a.m. to receive students. Students should be in their homeroom class by 8:20 a.m. for announcements and other important information that will be given. 1st period class will begin at 8:30 a.m. Students should be in their class prior to the bell. Excessive tardies which is 4+ incidents will result in In School Suspension.

•EARLY DISMISSALS - A student who needs an early dismissal will bring a note written and signed by the parent/guardian to the attendance clerk in the front office. The note should include the student’s full name and grade level, reason for dismissal, dismissal date and time, parent/guardian telephone numbers (home and work) and signature of parent/guardian. Requests for early dismissal may not be made by telephone. At dismissal time, a parent or guardian is required to come into the office and sign the dismissal form. A picture ID is required for pick up. If anyone other than the parent or guardian is to pick up the student, identification will be necessary before the student is permitted to leave. To avoid interruption of instruction, pick up must be by 2:30. Early dismissals will be classified as excused or unexcused. The following will be considered excused: medical appointments, illness of students or immediate family members, death in the immediate family, or dismissals approved by an administrator.

•DISMISSAL - School is dismissed at 3:15 p.m.

•ATTENDANCE - Attendance is taken each class period throughout the day. Students are considered absent from a period if they miss more than one-half of that period. To be considered for perfect attendance, students must be counted present in all periods every day throughout the school year.

•ABSENCES - Any time your child is absent, a note must be provided upon his/her return to school. Absences without notes are considered unexcused. It is the student’s responsibility to turn in all notes to the attendance office or you may click on the link provided to submit a note. Absences that are considered lawful include: illness of the student, bereavement and recognized religious holidays. Unlawful absences include: absences without the knowledge of a parent or an absence without lawful cause with the knowledge of a parent. We can accept up to 10 parent notes.

•MAKE UP WORK Students are responsible to make arrangements with teachers to make up any work missed due to an absence. The work must be made up within five (5) days of the student’s return to school.

•TRUANCY A student is considered truant when he/she accumulates three (3) consecutive or five (5) total unexcused absences.