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Kindergarten and First Grade Registration

Information to Register for 2024-2025

Five Days of Winter Cheer

winter cheer

MAP Testing - First and Second Grades

MAP Testing

Tuesday, December 5, 2023:  ELA
Wednesday, December 6, 2023:  Math

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Level II Volunteer Application


Level II volunteer clearance

Chaperones for field trips are required to be a Level II volunteer, regardless of the destination. Use the link below to complete the Volunteer Application Form, a Level II volunteer can select all functions available including those with (volunteer Level II) in the name. Step #4 is where you select "functions."  

School Volunteer Guidelines

Join the BES PTA Today!

Becoming a member of the PTA shows that you want to help support the programs and events that help enhance students' experience at school.  While we would love for everyone to attend, we understand families are busy.  Minutes are available and posted for you to review.  Joining the PTA does not obligate you to attend the PTA meetings or volunteer.

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Backpack for Parents


Backpack for Parents