TRHS Mission 

Mission Statement

We educate students both academically and socially so that they become responsible citizens of our local and global community.


Curriculum - Our curriculum will be progressive and designed to help students meet all required standards. It must be

  • Real-world relevant
  • Standards-based
  • Research-based
  • Challenging
  • Intra- and inter-disciplinary
  • Diverse
  • Adaptive to students' needs and learning styles


Instruction - Instruction will be concise, clear, and consistent with strategies appropriate to student needs. It must include

  • Incorporation of multiple learning styles
  • Self-evaluation
  • Emphasis on higher-order thinking skills
  • High expectations for performance and behavior
  • Delivery by highly qualified professionals
  • Creativity to encourage student involvement
  • Flexibility to encourage student growth
  • Interesting and engaging approaches
  • Based on best practices


Assessment - Assessment must be fair and just and appropriate to the student's needs and learning styles as well as appropriate to the learning objectives. It must be

  • Varied and authentic
  • Flexible to allow for student to demonstrate knowledge in a variety of ways both traditional and non-traditional
  • Continuous
  • Used to monitor and direct instruction
  • Based upon instruction
  • Challenging and aligned with desired student learning


Environment - The environment must be safe and free from conditions that would adversely affect student learning. It should give students an equal opportunity to learn in an engaging and positive place for which they will be proud. It must be

  • Enriching and stimulating for the whole student - aesthetically, academically, and socially 
  • Inviting to the students, staff, and community
  • Engaging and encouraging of student learning
  • Reflective of atmosphere of respect, support, and compassion for all stakeholders
  • Adequate in terms of resources
  • Clearly reflective of expectations for rigor and excellence


Beliefs and Values

Travelers Rest High School holds the following beliefs and values with regard to instruction, curriculum, assessment, and environment:

Instruction should

  • Be rigorous in nature with high expectations for all students
  • Be clearly defined and well-organized
  • Be flexible in delivery to accommodate learning styles
  • Impart a strong work ethic
  • Involve parents as partners in the child's education
  • Be assessed in a timely manner
  • Be delivered in a respectful and professional manner
  • Be presented with conviction and relevance to our world


Curriculum should

  • Be aligned with state standards
  • Be meaningful
  • Offer diversity
  • Educate the student as a whole person (academically, socially)
  • Reflect cross-curricular integration
  • Be current, up-to-date


Assessment should

  • Be authentic 
  • Varied 
  • Rigorous
  • Accommodate different learning styles
  • Be used to improve instruction and alter curriculum
  • Be aligned with defined learning objectives
  • Be continuous
  • Be consistent and fair


Environment should

  • Be a safe place for all stakeholders
  • Be clean and inviting
  • Allow for individual expression
  • Allow for collegiality among students and staff
  • Exhibit a concern for all participants
  • Display integrity, trust, truth, respect, and fairness for all
  • Allow all students to be successful