Mr. Rick VeazeyMr. Rick Veazey spent countless hours at school events taking photographs, editing them to make them suitable for the web, then posting to the TRHS website for all the community to access and share. Without his selfless and serving attitude, these galleries would not be possible. These currently serve as an important historical record for TRHS for which to Mr. Veazey we are greatly indebted.


"Thank You And Goodbye"

For the past 15 years it has been my privilege to manage the TRHS Website. In my very first post on 6/15/2007 I wrote, "We hope to make this site your first stop for the latest news and information about the Devildogs!" That has been my goal from the very beginning and I hope that I was able to succeed. Much has changed in the past 15 years including the rise of social media and I have certainly learned a lot through this experience.

Certainly the most popular feature has been the photo galleries. By my best count I have posted just over 1800 galleries over the years. I had to remove about 600 of them this year due to changes in software but there are still over 1200 online. I've worn out a few cameras in the process but learned so much about photography and had so many great experiences. I've photographed huge successes such as the Ladies' Tennis State Championship in 2013 and the Devildogs' first win at Greer in football. I've also been there for heartbreaking losses. I've tried my best to cover all aspects of life as a Devildog whether it is in athletics, the Arts, FFA, and scholastic achievements. Through it all I have been able to get to know my students better and gotten to know students I never had the chance to teach. I've also had the chance to work with students as they took photos and gotten help from them when I was unable to be at an event.

I want to express my sincere thanks to so many people. I'm grateful that Lou Lavely asked me to accept the position and for his support as I made the changes I felt were needed. I am also thankful to Daniel Bruce for his support over the past three years as we've expanded the social media components. I've worked with a great staff that provided me with ideas and stories as well as provided encouragement. Most of all I am thankful for the students and parents and their enthusiasm for viewing the galleries and following the news on the site.-- Rick Veazey