Devildog Athletic Hall of Fame


Devildog Hall of Fame Roster

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2005 Inductees

Coach Dean "Chico" Bolin

Coach Joe Small

Coach Joyce Stanford

Mr. Randy Sullivan

2011 Inductees

Mr. Ricco Booker

Mr. Daniel Bruce

Mr. David Farnham

Ms. Jennie Lyerly

Mr. Mike Phillips

Mr. Dillard Pruitt

Mr. Roland Styles

2012 Inductees

Mr. Randall Poole

Ms. Linda Edwards White

Mr. Jack Anderson

Mr. Taylor Harbin

2013 Inductees

Mr. Billy Joe Batson

Mr. Harvey Tankersley

Mr. Stan Hopkins

2014 Inductees

Ms. Gloria Gunter Shell

Mr. Lee Burns

Mr. Roger Hayes

Mr. Chuck Werner

2015 Inductees

Mr. Mike Burns

Mr. Lamont Sullivan

Mr. Brett Youngblood

2016 Inductees

Mr. Alvin Gilreath

Mr. Wayne Ward

Mr. Irv Philpot

Mr. Shane Birckbichler

2017 Inductees

Mr. Marvin Mills

Mr. Mickey McCauley

Mr. William "Will" Ford

Inductees in 2018

Mr. Henry Carson

Mr. Brian Duncan

2019 Inductees

Ms. Kayla Jenerette Holliday

Mr. Scott Styles

2020 Inductees

Mr. Robert Poole

Mr. Joey Batson

2022 Inductees

Mr. Tony Anderson

Mr. Andrew Brown

Ms. Megan Smith Zapf

2023 Inductees

Ms. Sharon Booker Brunson

Ms. Rachel Glazebrook


Hall of Fame Information

Attention Devildog supporters. The Travelers Rest High School Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee is currently accepting nominations for the Devildog Athletic Hall of Fame. Basic criteria for nomination is:

Athletes will become eligible for nomination five years after graduation and coaches five years after service to Travelers Rest High School. This timeline is done to determine whether the nominee is in fact a positive role model. The same time frame exists for all other potential candidates based on service to the school and the approval of the Travelers Rest High School Athletic Dept. and Administration. The nominee must have made an outstanding contribution to his or her sport(s). Typically, this may include the attainment of all-region, all-county or all-state honors, all-time leading scorer, winning a state championship, Athlete of the Year, etc. The nominee must also exemplify character while representing Travelers Rest High School and also afterward. In short, he or she must be a positive role model, worthy of being emulated by current and future students.

If you would like to nominate a former student athlete, coach or contributor for the Hall of Fame, please go to the attached link and print out a copy of the nomination form. It must to be filled out with as much information as possible. It can be mailed to the high school or emailed to the committee. For additional information, please contact the Selection Committee at


Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Hall of Fame Selection Committee Bylaws and Guidelines

2005 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony