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Southside Safe Restart Plan
Southside High School is committed to the safe return of students and staff to school. Our “Safe Restart” plan, developed collaboratively by administrators, department leaders, teacher leaders, and stakeholders, places health and safety as a top priority following recommendations of state and local health experts.
We are faced with issues that require schooling to be different, but that does not mean that we will have to sacrifice the quality of schooling or compromise health and safety. Instead, we will face this as an opportunity to strike a successful balance for the well-rounded health of our students, teachers, and the Southisde community at large.
We will remain flexible, and as health and medical conditions change, SHS will adjust accordingly. The success of this Safe Restart plan requires the awareness, understanding, and support of parents, teachers, staff, students, and the entire SHS and GCS community. As we enter uncharted waters, we will guide our actions around the greater good achieved when students and teachers are both learning and healthy. 
Southside Safe Restart Plan
SHS Leadership and Administrative Team