About Us

Southside High School is the oldest and most successful IB school in South Carolina. Southside High School is one of the smallest public high school within Greenville County School District with an enrollment of 880 students. Our IB Diploma Program serves approximately 21.5 % of the students of the age group eligible for the program, being a “school within a school model.” Southside is a certified AVID high school and the first school in Greenville County to implement AVID. Our educational program is academically challenging and built on high expectations. We offer a variety of programs: International Baccalaureate (IB), AVID, Advanced Placement (AP), Honors, Dual Credit, CTE, ML, SPED, and College Preparatory. All of these programs are designed to meet the unique and individual needs and interests of each student.


The vision for Southside High School is to create world-class educational opportunities that prepare college and career ready graduates.


To stimulate lifelong learning and to promote an understanding of community and curriculum standards by providing opportunities for students to apply acquired skills and by modeling desired behavior and attitudes. We will know students are learning and becoming productive, involved, caring citizens by maintaining data that chart their progress so we can provide various levels of intervention to guide students toward success.


Celebrating Diversity. United in Learning

Southside Leadership Team (LT)  

The SHS Leadership Team's works in a professional learning community for the purpose of school improvement. This group of faculty leaders meet monthly to examine school data, evaluate school programs, and develop programs to enhance or improve student achievement and school culture.

The following are the 2022-23 Leadership Team:

Dr. Andre M. Dukes - Principal

Angel Stepp - Admin.

Dr. Christpher Emerson - Admin.

Greg Montjoy- Admin.

David Rushton; Admin 

Eric Means  - Freshman Academy and Testing Coordinator 

Faith DiAngelis - Instructional Coach

Dr. Kendra Byrd - Instructional Coach 

Dr. Stephanye Zimmerman- Director of School Counseling 

Megan Wright - English Dept. Chair

Dr. Charles Howard - Math Dept. Chair

Christine Cook - SS Dept. Chair

TBA - Science Dept. Chair

Tasha Byrd  - Media Specialist

Effie Williams and Megan Sutherland - Special Education Dept. Chairs

Jay Ramsey  - CTE Dept. Chair

Heather Perry- PE Dept. Chair

Col. John Dibert - JROTC Chair

Nico Phillip - Foreign Language Dept. Chair

Maduline Simon - Fine Arts Dept. Chair

Dr. Julie McGaha - Innovative Programs Coordinator 

Jim Shuman - Athletic Director 


Core Values

Relationships, Readiness, Relevance, and Responsiveness 

Our Focus

  1. Addressing the Learning Loss
  2. Social and Emotional Learning
  3. Continuity of Services
  4. Teaching on the Block - Strengthen the Instructional Core