Dual-Enrollment Information


What is Dual-Enrollment?

Dual-enrollment (DE) offers high school students the opportunity to enroll in college level course work while still in high school. Students are able to earn both college and high school credit. Dual Credit courses receive an additional +1 weight for student GPAs.


Steps For Dual Credit


How do I qualify for Dual-Enrollment?

Students have 2 options to qualify for Dual-Enrollment. Both options are explained below:



·The Accuplacer exam is a series of tests that evaluate a variety of skills. These exams are used by colleges / universities around the country to determine a best fit for academic coursework. Each DE course requires a specific Accuplacer score.

·The Accuplacer exam is administered at both Southside High School and Greenville Tech. SHS will administer the exam twice per year. Students can also take the exam at Greenville Tech. Students who take the exam at Greenville Tech must provide documentation of their score to either Dr. McGaha or their school counselor.

·The Accuplacer may be taken twice without restrictions. If, after taking the exam twice the student still does not have a qualifying score, the student will need to complete a Test for Success Workshop through Greenville Tech.


Multiple Measures:

Students may also qualify for DE courses using their previous course grades and GPA. A full outline of Multiple Measures can be found here.


Dual-Enrollment Course Selection:

Southside High School currently offers English 101 / 102 and Math 111 / 112 on our campus. Students are also able to take a DE class directly through Greenville Tech. A list of classes available for students can be found here.

Students taking Dual Enrollment classes as part of their program at Donaldson Career Center should discuss their courses with the counselor there.


Dual-Enrollment Forms
Students MUST complete the forms noted below:

Dual Credit Information Sheet


Legal Presence Form

Greenville County Dual Enrollment Form


Important Deadlines
All Dual-Enrollment forms and information must be returned to Dr. McGaha no later than May 1, 2023. You will be notified no later than June 1, 2023 if your Dual-Enrollment course has been approved. If your acceptance is contingent on your final spring semester grades, your enrollment will be confirmed at that time. If your spring semester grades disqualify you from Dual-Enrollment, your counselor will automatically schedule you for the next appropriate course based on your IGP.