PTA Reflections Program

We encourage all students to participate in the PTA Reflections contest.  Entries are due October 12, 2017.   This year's theme is "Within Reach?"  The PTA Reflections Program gives students the opportunity to submit their original works of art in six categories:

  1. Music Composition
  2. Film Production
  3. Dance Choreography
  4. Literature
  5. Photography
  6. Visual Arts. - visual arts can also be 3-Dimensional such as sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, wind chimes, kites, etc. 

 Winners are identified at the school level and go on to the District PTA competition with those winners going on to the State PTA competition.  Students may submit as many entries as they wish to Mrs. Dickert in Room 404, and each entry will be awarded with a full fly card.  


Helpful tips:

Please take time to read the following rules, guidelines and instructions for submitting entries, to ensure your original work will be accepted.