Sevier Middle News Archive



2020-2021 Student Council Representatives:  Jose Arguelles Santos, Colton Ashe, Brooke Ashe, Margaret Babetz, Marissa Bauer, Danae Benton, Anthony Bustamante, Melissa Baxter, Abigail Cox ,Amanda Cox, Anna Cuttino, Zion Duckett, Tennille Barham, Ella Duffy, Kenley Emerson, Kaytlyn Epps, Lydia Fernandez-Rubio, Cristopher Figueroa, William Frichtl, Zach Frichtl, Angel Gomez, Linda Haskell, Chantal Haskell, Jahiah Hentz, Duy Le, Brooklyn Logan, Autumn Long, Elizabeth Markwell, Audrey McClain, Isabella Medina, Alexia Micke, Chase Mikhail, Haley  Moody, Eden Posner, Cameron Roberts, Maddox Roof, Ariana Sanchez-Islas, Madison Shamis, Morgan Siglin, Emerson Whitmire, Abigail Williams, Szaimon Wooten


Congratulations to Mrs. Plumier and Sevier’s Robotics VRC and IQ teams for their performance at Saturday’s state level tournament.  Our VRC team League of Villains won the Judges Award. The VRC team Akanda and Friends won the Excellence Award, the highest ranked award which qualifies them for the Worlds VRC Tournament.  Sevier had 7 VEX IQ teams bring home 11 awards.  The IQ team Target Practice were the Teamwork Champions and won the highest ranked Excellence Award.  Rubber Screaming Chickens and the Nomads won the 2nd Place Teamwork Awards, and the Challengers won the Amaze Award.  These four teams qualified for the Worlds VEX IQ Tournament.  We want to commend Mrs. Plumier and our Robotics teams and families for their hard work and dedication to our robotics program.


Falcons on the WHHS Cross Country Team

2020 Lady Falcons Volleyball Team




Congratulations to Mrs. Christine Plumier!  She will represent Sevier as our 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year!  Mrs. Plumier is our Robotics Team Coach, and teaches Gateway to Technology Courses in Introduction to Engineering Design Honors, Design & Modeling, Automation & Robotics, and Green Architecture.
Congratulations to our newly elected Student Council Officers for the 2019-2020 school year:
President:  Israel Noble
 Vice President:  Brittney Nguyen
 Treasurer:  Vivian Phan
 Secretary:  Amelia Hill
#              Name                                 Grade                       Position
1              Grace Hanna                 7th Grade              DS
2              Morgan Fine                 8th Grade               Hitter             
3              Addison Fore                7th Grade              DS
4              Skylar Craig                   8th Grade              Hitter
5              Madelyn Cail                 8th Grade              Hitter/Setter
7              Megan Hall                    8th Grade               Libero/DS
8              Sarah Sigmon               7th Grade               Hitter
9              Abby Everett                7th Grade               DS
10          Carrigan Dowling       7th Grade               Setter
12          Gabby Craig                   8th Grade                Hitter/DS
Head Coach and Athletic Director: Tarshie Burrell
Principal: Chad Maguire
Manager: Madison Plumier and Zoe Dube


Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Dara Greeley!  Mrs. Greeley is the head of our Special Education Department.

Congratulations to our newly elected Student Council Executive Members for the 2018-2019 school year!
President: Loren Long
Vice President: Josh Evans
Secretary: Grayson Cuttino
Co-Treasurers: Brittany Nguyen & Sarah Stephens

Student Council Homeroom Representatives:  Matthew Nelson, Madison Bervig, Anna Phan, Isaac Blackmon, Soheila Feliciano, Trevor Sanders, McKinley McFadden, Chad Fernander, Emily Gaines, Madison Neal, Amy Lal, Cristhian Molina-Duran, Stephanie Howard, Vichara Holmes, Andrew Gregar, Kiara Land, Amelia Hill, Riley Brandt, Jazymyn Jaramillo, Madison Owens, Mia Leal,  Juan Rodriguez, Megan Hall, Elijah Posner, Emerson Childs, Madison Bervig, and Max Pechin.  

Student Council Homeroom Representative Alternates: Davis Harvey, Lupita Pascual, Drew Sharpe, Kalin Knox, J.C. Greene, Malaysia Watson, Elijah Irvin, Coleman Henry, Avery Rankin,  Lily Rhoades, Giuliano Repetto, Mikhala Herbert, Lily Gravely, Angie Dominguez-Cordero, Duy Le, Caleb Leal, Jada Mackins, Amanda Le, Caleb Hodge, Reese Morgan, Emily Miller, Sasha Younginer, Lily Brackett, Madelyn Cail, Grace Wallace, Mister Malachi White, Lupita Pascaul, and Ashley Rafael-Garcia.

Future Business Leaders of America members: Graham Addis, Alijah Beu, Kaley Black, Whitnie Booker, Logan Clough, Soheila Feliciano, Patrick Foley, Laura Gasser, Kami Gonzalez, Coleman Henry, Xavier Hernandez, Caleb Hodge, Laney Howard, Aidan Huston, Jazmyn Jaramillo, Kiara Land, Amanda Le, Thomas Mahon, Michael Mata, Matthew Nelson, Yahir Carpio Sanchez, Julianna Sims, and Michael Wills.

Fishing Club members: Avery Aldebol, Noah Bervig, Brooks Betenbaugh, Cheyanne Bliss, Riley Brandt, Michael Burns, Chandra Cantrell, Bryson Carter, Jamya Coleman, Jasmyn Coleman, Chance Fleming, Owen Humphrey, Rebecca Lee, Gabe Lucey, Patricia Manley, Lilie McKinney, Connor Morgan, Andrew Perez, Madeline Pruitt, Cooper Renn, Christian Royals, Reece Seppala, Drew Sharp, Nicholas Spurling, Kylie Stetar, Emma Kate Tessmann, Andrew Tillery, and James Whiteman.

Cold Water Stewardship Club members:  Jackson Blakely, Kiersten Chantron, Chance Fleming, Isabella Majarais, Seth McClain, Aderecka McClellan, Jonah McHaffie, Dakota Sims, and Logan Thomas.

Recycling Club members: Meghan Arnold, Morgan Babb, Michael Burns, Olivia Costello, Madison Freund, Mia Leal, Jada Mackins, Chaziya Moss, Isabella Muehleison, Abby Owens, Madison Owens, Avery Rankin, Cindy Rivera, Savannah Thomas, Campbell Thompson, and Sasha Younginer.


Congratulations to our Staff Superlatives winners:
Most likely to break out in dance:    Mr. Forrester  &  Mrs. Plumier
Most likely to be found enjoying nature:    Mr. Nielsen  &  Mrs. Childers
Most likely to win a rap battle:   Mr. Smith  &  Mrs. Brown
Most likely to bring a pet to school:   Mr. Moore  &  Mrs. McKinney
Most likely to travel the world:    Mr. Mauro  &  Mrs. King
Best taste in music:    Ms. Martin  &  Mrs. Dickert
Most likely to be found reading in a quiet corner during lunch:   Mr. Haigler  &  Mrs. Childers
The staff member with the most school spirit:   Coach Duncan  &  Ms. Morris

Congratulations to out 8th Grade Superlative winners:
Most Likely to become a comedian:    Elijah Posner  &  Shamiya Garnett
Best candidate for future president:    Josh Evans  &  Loren Long
Most likely to become famous:    Jonah Bishop Pirrone  &  Sania Williams
Most likely to become the next “Bob Ross” artist:    Evan Rhea  &  Mia Leal
Most likely to brighten someone’s day:    Drew Keener  & Campbell Thompson
Has changed the most since 6th grade:    Will Brothers  &  Chloe Bowyer
Most likely to become a PRO athlete:    Trevor Sanders  &  Olivia Costello
Most school spirit:    Will Kirven  &  Adaline McCormack

Congratulations to  Dilleshaw's homeroom, our 7th Grade Intramural Speedball Champions!

Congratulations to our PTA Reflections School Level Winners!
1st Place :  Emma Kate Tessmann
Visual Arts
1st Place:  Cheyanne Bliss
2nd Place: Nhu Nguyen
3rd Place:  Amelia Hill
1st Place:  Maggie Hill
2nd Place: Bella Majarais
3rd Place:  Addison Boling

Congratulations to our District Level PTA Reflections Winners:
Emma Kate Tessmann – Award of Merit in Photography
Cheyanne Bliss – Award of Excellence in Visual Arts

Congratulations to our State Level PTA Reflections Winner!
Cheyanne Bliss earned the Award of Merit in the Visual Arts Category for her work "The Lonely Soldier"


Sevier Middle School was awarded 18 total awards for outstanding achievement. We took a delegation of 14 total students, and of those,10 students won awards for outstanding resolutions, speeches, debating skills, and presentations. 


Congratulations to our Greenville County Art Show Participants!!
8th Grade
1st Place Painting: Paige Geiger
3rd Place Design: Tam Dinh
4th Place Mixed Media: Cheyanne Bliss

7th Grade
3rd Place Drawing: Jessica Spott
2nd Place Painting: Leia Greeley
Other Participants:  Bella Majarais,  Madison Plumier,  Reese Morgan,  Angelina Marshall,  Sydney Brooks, Sydney Harrison, and  Chloe Bowyer