Lake Forest Elementary PTA

Hello Lake Forest Elementary Families!!

We are excited to serve the greatest elementary school in the nation! We are excited to have our 2nd Annual LFE Leopard Loop and bring back our school’s Fall Carnival. We need your help! Our PTA board is a hard-working group of parents who want nothing but the best for our students and staff, and we are each dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make this year FANTASTIC! WE CAN NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP!  Thank you in advance for your support.

As always,

PTA Board Member

Kendra Robinson-

Aaron Conley-

Lauren Mabry-

Volunteer Coordinator
Elizabeth McCall-

Hospitality/ Room Parent Coordinator
Brandy Laster-

Vanessa Webber-

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Thank to the following organizations that have supported our PTA!  They are helping us "Take Pride in Learning"!