Lake Forest Elementary School - About Us

Lake Forest Elementary School is a suburban school located in the Lake Forest Community, close to Wade Hampton Boulevard and Pleasantburg Drive. We provide a quality education program for all students in four year-old kindergarten through fifth grade. The school has students from various cultures, reflecting our theme, 

"Taking Pride in Learning"


The mission of Lake Forest Elementary School is to provide a nurturing, student-centered learning environment where students are empowered to learn about the world, persevere through challenges, and develop positive character traits.


The vision of Lake Forest Elementary School is to empower students to learn, grow, lead, and succeed.

Beliefs about Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

• Education is a responsibility that involves home, school, and community.

• Students deserve to learn in a safe, caring school environment.

• Academic growth and social-emotional learning is essential to the development of the whole child.

• Every person deserves to be valued and treated with respect.

• It is important to help students develop positive character traits.

• Students should be encouraged to take risks and have opportunities to be creative.

• Students should be equipped with skills to become a responsible digital learner.