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Why LMS is a Title I School?

Title I, of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, is the largest federally funded educational program.  This program, authorized by Congress, provides additional funding to school districts to assist schools with the highest concentration of student poverty.  This is to help schools meet the educational needs and goals of their students.  Schools receive Title I funds based on the number of students qualifying for free and reduced meals.  Because LMS has 100% of its students qualifying for free or reduced meals, we are considered a Title I School.

All professional faculty at LMS are highly qualified [HQ]. This means they are certified in their teaching area, maintain a current SC professional certificate and stay up to date with innovation in technology.

Lakeview Middle 2015/2016 Title I Budget:  $598,277

Lakeview Title I Funding is used in the following ways:

District Title I Funds are used in the following ways:

Wakesha Fogle – Math

Shayla  Read - English Language Arts

Title I School Parents:  Below is an overview and core elements of how the District’s Parent Involvement Policy and each Title I school’s Parent Involvement Policy are developed jointly, agreed upon with parents, and are distributed to all Title I  parents of participating children.  The District Parent Involvement Policy should establish the expectations and provide a description of parent involvement.  Please contact the Title I Office of Greenville County Schools, 864-355-3359, for additional information related to guidelines on this policy or on Title I law.  

District Parent Involvement Policy: English Version
District Parent Involvement Policy: Spanish 

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Title I Plan

24 Hour Rule
Parent Compact: English Version
Parent Compact: Spanish
Parent Involvement Policy: English Version
Parent Involvement Policy: Spanish
South Carolina Family Friendly Standards
Lunch Application Online
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South Carolina Department of Education

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