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Creative Commons for Images

Here is a collection of Creative Commons licensed images, as well as images in the public domain.

  • Wikimedia Commons: Search by keyword; each image that is returned clearly states how it is licensed.  Wikimedia Commons content is for educational purposes. 
  • Creative Commons "Find CC Material" section of the home page
  • UnSplash: Free images in the public domain.  Licensed with Creative Commons 0 license.
  • Pexels:  Free images in the public domain.  Licensed with Creative Commons 0 license.
  • Morgue File:  Free images - some restrictions on how the images are used.
  • Flickr Creative Commons Group

Music Repositories

One of the most comprehensive collections of Creative Commons licensed music is on the Creative Commons website:

Creative Commons Music Communities

Reading Websites

JAppleseed eBooks

eBook Website         Student Username: Hillcrest
                                  Student Password: wildcats

EPoint eBooks

Welcome to Epointplus!     Unlimited access to non-fiction titles.  To access your account, just go to and enter your username and password.

You may access the account with the following information:


Username: hillcrestms
Password: book


 Infobase eBook purchase

eBook Website

Username:  hms8

Password:  digital

African Americans and the Civil War 978-1-4381-2664-7
African Traditional Religion, Third Edition 978-1-4381-2047-8
Alzheimer's Disease 978-1-4381-1811-6
Anthrax, Second Edition 978-1-4381-0131-6
Asthma 978-1-4381-2653-1
Baha'i Faith, Third Edition 978-1-4381-2048-5
Buddhism, Fourth Edition 978-1-4381-2049-2
Captain James Cook 978-1-4381-2790-3
Carnival 978-1-4381-2660-9
Catholicism & Orthodox Christianity, Third Edition 978-1-4381-2050-8
Causes of the Civil War 978-1-4381-2665-4
Chicken Pox 978-1-4381-2774-3
Cholera, Second Edition 978-1-4381-0137-8
Christmas and Hanukkah 978-1-4381-1971-7
Civil War Battles 978-1-4381-2620-3
Civil War Leaders 978-1-4381-2666-1
Confucianism, Third Edition 978-1-4381-1776-8
Cystic Fibrosis 978-1-4381-2654-8
Daoism, Third Edition 978-1-4381-1777-5
Diabetes 978-1-4381-1739-3

Down Syndrome 978-1-4381-1950-2
Easter, Passover, and Other Spring Festivals 978-1-4381-2793-4
Ferdinand Magellan 978-1-4381-2787-3
Halloween and Commemorations of the Dead 978-1-4381-2794-1
Hemophilia 978-1-4381-1810-9
Hernan Cortes 978-1-4381-2788-0
Hinduism, Fourth Edition 978-1-4381-2051-5
Huntington's Disease 978-1-4381-2778-1
Independence Days 978-1-4381-2795-8
Influenza, Second Edition 978-1-4381-0150-7
Islam, Fourth Edition 978-1-4381-1778-2
Jacques Cartier 978-1-4381-2886-3
Judaism, Fourth Edition 978-1-4381-2052-2
Lent, Yom Kippur, and Other Atonement Days 978-1-4381-2796-5
Lewis and Clark 978-1-4381-2791-0
Malaria, Second Edition 978-1-4381-1947-2
Mononucleosis, Second Edition 978-1-4381-0158-3
Native American Religions, Third Edition 978-1-4381-2053-9
Parkinson's Disease 978-1-4381-1813-0
Polio, Second Edition 978-1-4381-1728-7

Protestantism, Third Edition 978-1-4381-2054-6
Ramadan 978-1-4381-2574-9
Reconstruction 978-1-4381-2621-0Religious New Year's Celebrations 978-1-4381-2575-6
Robert de La Salle 978-1-4381-2887-0
Rubella and Rubeola 978-1-4381-1948-9
Shinto, Third Edition 978-1-4381-1679-2
Sickle Cell Disease 978-1-4381-1812-3
Sikhism, Third Edition 978-1-4381-1779-9
Sir Edmund Hillary 978-1-4381-2792-7
Sir Ernest Shackleton 978-1-4381-2789-7
Sir Francis Drake 978-1-4381-2888-7
Spies in the Civil War 978-1-4381-2667-8
Tay-Sachs Disease 978-1-4381-2572-5
Technology and the Civil War 978-1-4381-2622-7
Thanksgiving and Other Harvest Festivals 978-1-4381-2797-2
Vasco da Gama 978-1-4381-2889-4
Western and Chinese New Year's Celebrations 978-1-4381-1972-4
Women and the Civil War 978-1-4381-2623-4
Zoroastrianism, Third Edition 978-1-4381-1780-5