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Many of the sites listed above require a password. See a media specialist to receive the passwords.

Digital Citizenship

Here are some resource that are valuable in learning to become a good digital citizen.


Ask in the library for your username and password. Discus has encyclopedias, magazines and newspaper articles you can search to find information.






Use this link to the Soundzabound site for copyright free music. username: greenville  password: getmusic




8th Grade Decades Links



Image Resources

Here is a collection of Creative Commons licensed images, as well as images in the public domain.

Wikimedia Commons:  Search by keyword;  each image that is returned clearly states how it is licensed.  Wikimedia Commons content is for educational purposes. 

Here are some other sites to consider when searching for images to use in your projects.

Creative Commons "Find CC Material" section of the home page

UnSplash:  Free images in the public domain.  Licensed with Creative Commons 0 license.

Pexels:  Free images in the public domain.  Licensed with Creative Commons 0 license.

Morgue File:  Free images - some restrictions on how the images are used.

 Flickr Creative Commons Group

 Music Repositories
One of the most comprehensive collections of Creative Commons licensed music is on the Creative Commons website:


Social Studies Web Sites  

The  Infobase eBook purchase is now available using the following Account Information:

Access URL
Account Username: hillcrest
Password: worldclass


African Americans and the Civil War 978-1-4381-2664-7
African Traditional Religion, Third Edition 978-1-4381-2047-8

Alzheimer's Disease 978-1-4381-1811-6
Anthrax, Second Edition 978-1-4381-0131-6
Asthma 978-1-4381-2653-1
Baha'i Faith, Third Edition 978-1-4381-2048-5
Buddhism, Fourth Edition 978-1-4381-2049-2
Captain James Cook 978-1-4381-2790-3
Carnival 978-1-4381-2660-9
Catholicism & Orthodox Christianity, Third Edition 978-1-4381-2050-8
Causes of the Civil War 978-1-4381-2665-4
Chicken Pox 978-1-4381-2774-3
Cholera, Second Edition 978-1-4381-0137-8
Christmas and Hanukkah 978-1-4381-1971-7
Civil War Battles 978-1-4381-2620-3
Civil War Leaders 978-1-4381-2666-1
Confucianism, Third Edition 978-1-4381-1776-8
Cystic Fibrosis 978-1-4381-2654-8
Daoism, Third Edition 978-1-4381-1777-5
Diabetes 978-1-4381-1739-3
Down Syndrome 978-1-4381-1950-2
Easter, Passover, and Other Spring Festivals 978-1-4381-2793-4
Ferdinand Magellan 978-1-4381-2787-3
Halloween and Commemorations of the Dead 978-1-4381-2794-1
Hemophilia 978-1-4381-1810-9
Hernan Cortes 978-1-4381-2788-0
Hinduism, Fourth Edition 978-1-4381-2051-5
Huntington's Disease 978-1-4381-2778-1
Independence Days 978-1-4381-2795-8
Influenza, Second Edition 978-1-4381-0150-7
Islam, Fourth Edition 978-1-4381-1778-2
Jacques Cartier 978-1-4381-2886-3
Judaism, Fourth Edition 978-1-4381-2052-2
Lent, Yom Kippur, and Other Atonement Days 978-1-4381-2796-5
Lewis and Clark 978-1-4381-2791-0
Malaria, Second Edition 978-1-4381-1947-2
Mononucleosis, Second Edition 978-1-4381-0158-3
Native American Religions, Third Edition 978-1-4381-2053-9
Parkinson's Disease 978-1-4381-1813-0
Polio, Second Edition 978-1-4381-1728-7
Protestantism, Third Edition 978-1-4381-2054-6
Ramadan 978-1-4381-2574-9
Reconstruction 978-1-4381-2621-0
Religious New Year's Celebrations 978-1-4381-2575-6
Robert de La Salle 978-1-4381-2887-0
Rubella and Rubeola 978-1-4381-1948-9
Shinto, Third Edition 978-1-4381-1679-2
Sickle Cell Disease 978-1-4381-1812-3
Sikhism, Third Edition 978-1-4381-1779-9
Sir Edmund Hillary 978-1-4381-2792-7
Sir Ernest Shackleton 978-1-4381-2789-7
Sir Francis Drake 978-1-4381-2888-7
Spies in the Civil War 978-1-4381-2667-8
Tay-Sachs Disease 978-1-4381-2572-5
Technology and the Civil War 978-1-4381-2622-7
Thanksgiving and Other Harvest Festivals 978-1-4381-2797-2
Vasco da Gama 978-1-4381-2889-4
Western and Chinese New Year's Celebrations 978-1-4381-1972-4
Women and the Civil War 978-1-4381-2623-4
Zoroastrianism, Third Edition 978-1-4381-1780-5

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