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Damaged Chromebooks or those with persistent issues should be brought to the Media Center before school (8:00-8:25) or on the way to the student's lunch period. Exceptions can be made by a classroom teacher who can send the student with a pass to the Media Center during class. Students should not come by the Media Center between classes without a pass. No tardy passes will be written by Media Center staff.
Damaged Chromebooks

Cracked screen, unresponsive touchpad/keyboard, missing key and broken hinge are all examples of Chromebook damages. When students report these damages, the damaged Chromebook will be repaired and another Chromebook will be issued to the student. These damages are tracked according to the Consequence Matrix. Student are allowed ONE repair a school year under the Dell Warranty. Any damage after this will be billed to the student. For more in information on the warranty:
Chromebook Issues

Not all issues require a visit to the Media Center. Students need to do some basic troubleshooting on their own before coming to the Media Center.

Please try these Troubleshooting Tips. If an issue persists, please visit the Media Center for assistance, but most issues are resolved by these tips.

                                                                                               MISSING OR LOST CHROMEBOOKS
Please note that students who leave Chromebooks unattended are being negligent. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their device at all times, much as they would with their wallet/purse or other valuable items.
Students should be charging their Chromebooks at home each night and not bring their chargers to school.
The Technology Fee covers one Chromebook repair but does not include the cost for the replacement of a lost or missing Chromebook or a Chromebook charger.
Students should report missing Chromebooks to Mrs. Dicey in the Media Center.
Students who are unable to locate their missing Chromebooks are required to complete a missing Chromebook form which includes checking with each of the student’s teachers, obtaining teachers’ signatures, and a parental or guardian signature verifying steps have been taken to retrieve or locate the device.
Once the missing Chromebook form is completed and submitted, students will need to meet with Mrs. Dicey to discuss possible Chromebook replacement options, determine whether his or her parents need to file a police report with our local police department, and if so, what information needs to be included in a police report. Mrs. Dicey will file a report with the SRO regardless.
In limited circumstances, students who do obtain a police report in a timely manner and provide a copy to Mrs. Dicey may be able to obtain a replacement at no charge.
Students who lose their Chromebooks, fail to obtain a police report or do not meet the eligibility criteria for replacement, or fail to report them as missing will owe a debt for the replacement cost.
Students who have Chromebooks stolen from unsecured areas (leaving their Chromebooks unattended at school, leaving Chromebooks in an unlocked car, losing/stolen Chromebooks at a sporting event, etc.) will be responsible for the replacement cost of the Chromebook and will not be eligible for a replacement until this fee is paid.
Students will not be provided a replacement Chromebook until all the aforementioned steps have been taken, and they have paid for the replacement cost or set up a payment plan with an administrator if financial cost is an issue.