History of Greer Middle

Greer Middle School was built in 1971, to replace Davenport Jr. High, which had burned. Davenport Jr. High was located in the former Greer High School facility on Church Street in downtown Greer. Greer Middle School was established as a modern facility with open classrooms. Students were assigned to learning communities within the school, based on the Piedmont Schools Project. The student population grew to over 1300 in the nineties making it necessary to use the little theater for a learning center. Many portable classrooms were brought in during the eighties to accommodate the rapidly growing community of Greer.

In the mid 1990's, the BMW plant was built on the outskirts of Greer, bringing with it hundreds of new families. This began an economic upswing that continues to impact the schools in our area. The Greenville County School District Board of Trustees recognized the need for new schools in the Greer area. The plan included an additional school to handle the abundance of new Greer residents' children thus the new Greer Middle and Riverside Middle Schools were built.

The 1998-99 school year was a challenge for Greer Middle staff and students.

Renovations to the old Greer Middle building began in the spring of 1998 while the staff tried to finish the school year. The Chandler Road facility was totally evacuated two weeks after school was over for the year. Greer Middle had to move twice.

The first move divided the student body and staff. Sixth and seventh grades were housed at the old Greer High on North Main Street and the eighth grade was housed on a second floor wing of the new Greer High on East Gap Creek Road three miles away. The principal traveled between schools daily. Assistant principals were assigned to each facility to handle administrative duties. The second move reunited everyone at the current location.

The new Greer Middle School building is located on 3032 East Gap Creek Road and opened in the fall of 1999.

This 137,000 square foot building houses 1100 students on a spacious 37 acre site.