GMS Health Room


Welcome to the Nurse's Corner.  Here you will find updates from the health room about different happenings related to health matters.​

All district health forms are found here.

Emergency Forms:

Send them in!  These forms give consent for treatment for your child as well as contact information for you if we need to reach you in event of illness or injury. As of now, we have over 50 students' forms not turned in. 

Medication At School:

*Over the Counter:  Must be new, unopened package and must have an over the counter form signed by parent. Medication brought in by parent.

*Prescription Medications:  Must have physician and parent signatures on the prescription form., also brought in by parent.


Please keep your child at home if they wake up with a temperature of 100 f or greater. If they have treatable symptoms at home, please give medicine before school.

Nurses Corner News

We are so happy to serve your children this school year!

If you are not quite sure what the role of the Middle school nurse entails, here is a brief overview of some of our responsibilities:

The assessment of illnesses are based on subjective data (what the student tells us) as well as objective data (what we observe), we do our best to provide the best care for your students. Our primary goal is to keep them healthy and also to keep them in class. Please feel free to call us if you have questions or concerns at 864-355-5807.

Mrs.  Neely, RN  355-5807

Mrs. Edwards, RN   355-5896

Information about District Health Services

How to Treat Head Lice

Flu Guide for Parents