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Virtual Career Fair

Please share the following information with your friends, family, neighbors, etc.! We want to make our Virtual Career Fair site full of a diverse range of careers for our students to explore! If you have any questions, let Anna Bayne know
Fork Shoals School will be launching its 2020-2021 Virtual Career Fair on Tuesday, November 24th. We will be launching a website designed to allow Fork Shoals students to explore many careers in a diverse range of industries. We would love your help making this a fun and engaging experience for our students!
To volunteer:
1. Please complete the following form with your information: Virtual Career Fair Form
2. Record a 4-8 minute video covering the following content:
• State your name, position and company.
• Briefly describe what led you to your current job (include details like if you always knew you would do this, unsuccessful
work experiences or promotions that led you to your current job, etc.)
• What schooling and/or experience did you have to go through for your current job?

Job Info:
• Explain your role and what skills are required for your position.
• What does an ‘average’ day look like for you?
• What is the best part of your job?
• What is the hardest part of your job?

Extra info to share:
• What are your long term career goals?
• What advice would you give to students in finding a career they love?
• What advice would you give to students for an interview?
• What is the job outlook for your profession?
Please submit your videos by Monday, November 9th to Anna Bayne at
Please contact Anna Bayne with any questions at 864-355-0651 or

Information regarding student absences

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Please feel free to call our school office for any questions at 355-5000.

Here are a few reminders to help you and your student have a successful year at Fork Shoals School:

School starts promptly at 7:45 am.
No early dismissals after 1:45 pm.
Students are allowed to miss 10 school days each year.
School is dismissed at 2:15 pm.
A parent must send a parent or doctor’s note for ANY absence or it will remain unexcused.
Students should be picked up from school no later than 2:45 pm.
Submit a Note for Your Child's Absence

If you cannot upload doctor notes in this form, you can fax or email notes to Lisa Thompson at (864) 355-9114 or


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If your child will need to take medication at school, please contact our school nurse, Mrs. Peden, at 355-5007 to set up an appointment.

· ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION forms must be signed by healthcare provider and parent/guardian before medication can be administered at school.

· All PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION must be administered as labeled.

· ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION must be brought to school by a legal guardian or designated person over 18 years of age and given directly to the school nurse or designated school personnel.

· OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS may be provided by the parent if it is in a new - unopened container, clearly labeled with the student’s name and accompanied by written parental permission. OTC medications may not exceed package directions for student’s age


· No medication containing ASPIRIN can be given at school without a doctor’s authorization. This includes but is not limited to Pepto Bismol, Excedrin, and some OTC cold medications.


Fork Shoals eNews


In order to keep families up-to-date, we are including our eNews on the website now as well.  Please click HERE to access the eNews.