eLearning at WMS

At WMS, we take eLearning very seriously.  We want our students to gain from their time physically at school and from their time eLearning.  Read through our eLearning guide to get answers to your questions about attendance, grading, technology, and expectations for Google Meets.  The resources below can also assist and guide students and parents through the eLearning process.

WMS eLearning Guide


Additional eLearning Resources for Students and Parents:

WMS Chromebook Support Webpage
Parent Video Guide to Google Classroom
Google Guardian Feature (Summary emails about your student's missing work, upcoming work, and class activity)
Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom / La guía de los padres para Aula de Google
Accessing Google Classroom Files and Websites while Offline / Accediendo a Google Classroom Archivos y sitios web sin conexión
Directions to Authenticate Your Chromebook