Traffic Plan

Traffic Map

Drop off Help-

Drop off and pick up of students is to be done in the Townes Street parking lot curb by the gym ONLY. Other doors will be locked.

You must enter the Townes Street parking lot from the queuing lane on Randall Street. Left turns from Townes into the parking lot are ILLEGAL and can result in a ticket from Greenville City Police.

Cars MUST PULL TO THE CURB. A student patrol will assist you. IT IS UNSAFE TO DROP A CHILD anywhere else because he or she will have to cross a lane of moving traffic.

updated traffic plan

The front lobby doors will be locked from 7:30 -8:15 and from 2:15-3:00 daily during drop off and pick up.

Buses have EXCLUSIVE USE of the bus lane in front of the building on Randall Street. The SC Department of Education requires that buses have a separate driveway than cars. This lane is to be open AT ALL TIMES for buses. We have field trips and special education buses coming during the school day.

The traffic plan was approved by the SC Department of Education and the City of Greenville. It cannot be changed without their consent. Failure to comply with this is a violation of law and can result in fines.

Visitors must use the front lobby entrance. Other doors are locked during the school day for security reasons. Limited parking is available on Randall Street and the Townes Street parking lot. Additional parking is available on CROFT STREET. Observe posted signs regarding parking and DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAYS.

These policies were developed by the State Department of Education and The City of Greenville to insure the safety of students. Thank you for your cooperation.