Principal's Welcome

Brett Vaughn

Message from the Principal

Dear Students and Parents,

What an amazing 2017 we had at Stone Academy! We saw great progress with our students and had so many fun events. 2018 promises to be even better! This year we celebrate Stone Academy’s 100th year. This centennial celebration will continue throughout this spring, so make sure to keep up with Stone’s PTA emails and class newsletters to find ways to participate. Speaking of, we want to send a warm thank you to all of our parents through PTA and community stakeholders through SIC who support our school and make it a such a great place!

We have had great attendance for our Parent Lunch and Learns. We hope you have enjoyed attending and learning about future ready schools and learning. We have many more coming up exploring coding, creative content, and Triple P Parenting. These will take place in Stone’s Exploratory. The Exploratory also hosted our muralists and artists-in-resident this year, Bannan Blasko. 5th graders spent a week developing design boards and pitches to include their ideas in the mural. The mural will be completed this spring! The Exploratory has also hosted many lessons across grade levels focusing on interactive, differentiated learning. The Exploratory has been very busy this year!

Teachers are working hard and utilizing classroom data to make the best possible instructional decisions for each student. We are seeing great results from Mastery Connect that are driving instruction. As we enter a busy spring, we are excited to have this tool to make instructional time the most productive and beneficial it can be for every child.

I will always welcome your ideas and thoughts about Stone Academy.  Thank you so much for entrusting us with your precious children!

With great appreciation!

Brett DeLoach Vaughn


As part of the 100 day celebration, Whitney did a career spotlight feature on Jumpstart as a principal in 100 years! I strive to reach the high expectations of her explanation of the best job in the world!