After School Care

May is open enrollment for Stone Academy’s After Care Program. Applications may be printed off of the Stone website. Please make sure to read all information before filling out the application.  Applications will be accepted on a first come first serve basis, so get yours in early!

***Registration fee payments, as well as the first week’s payment must be attached to your application for it to be accepted. ***

After care begins the first day of school.

The After-School Program begins and ends with the school year. Day care closes at 6:00 pm each weekday. The day care is closed on teacher workdays and school holidays . Space is limited and priority for the next school year is given to current enrollees.

Registration applications are available in the front office or print one now. For more information about registration and availability contact Mrs. Leo.

Aftercare staff may be reached by parents by phone from 2:45 - 6:00 at (864)505-4300. During school hours please the school office at (864)355-8401.

Contacting Extended Day Program

If you need to get in touch with an aftercare worker concerning pickup for that day or any other information you can reach the aftercare cell phone at (864)505-4300. This phone will only work after 2:45. Prior to 2:45 please contact the school office at (864)355-8401.

Extended Day Program

Program Details

Stone Academy of Communication Arts offers after-school daycare beginning the first day of school. There is a one-to-twenty ratio of adults to students. Students will be provided a healthy snack each day. There is a one hour study time for completing homework. There is also supervised free time for outdoor activities each day.

Hours: 2:30-6:00 p.m. Care will be provided every school day. The program will be closed on school holidays and teacher workdays when students do not attend classes.

Fees: $40.00-one time non-refundable registration fee per family each year. Please keep in mind that the weekly fee holds your child's spot whether they attend or not.

For the regular school year

Extended Day School
Program Rates 2019-20
# of Children Week Half Week Daily
1 $46.00 $29.00 $18.00
2 $74.00 $52.00 $29.00
3 $97.00 $75.00 $40.00
4 $122.00 $97.00 $52.00
5 $142.00 $120.00 $64.00
*Half Week= 2 day
week as determined by the school calendar. (ex. Thanksgiving week is considered Half Week) Parents may opt for their children to stay only 2 days per week; this would be considered Half Week rates. Inclement weather may cause a Half Week. In this case, the following week parents would be charged the reduced rate.

Please keep in mind that the weekly fee holds your child's spot whether they attend or not.

Fees for the coming week must be paid by closing time on Friday.

There will be a $5 fee for payments not made in advance.
Late Fees: If a parent arrives past 6:00 p.m., there will be an additional fee at the time of pick up:
After 6:00 p.m., the charge will continue to be $1/minute not to exceed $10. 

Insurance: School insurance covers this activity. WE DO ENCOURAGE EACH CHILD TO HAVE THIS COVERAGE. However, each parent is to sign an insurance form plus complete a medical information form.

Discipline: Good discipline must be maintained at all times for the successful operation of the program and the safety and well being of all children. Students will be treated with respect, and corporal punishment will not be used. A list of rules and consequences will be provided to each child and parent. If a student does not cooperate with these rules after reasonable efforts have been made, and the parent has been duly informed, we reserve the right to dismiss that student from the program.