Monday, September 26, 2016
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Parent Contact Information
Parents, CLICK HERE  to take a moment to submit your contact information if you did not have the opportunity to do so at Open House.   Please check "Yes" to the PTA contact information option to receive information regarding volunteer opportunities and PTA updates.

PTA Reflections
REFLECTIONS is a National PTA arts program that encourages students to explore their talents and express themselves.  This year’s 2016-2017 Theme:  WHAT IS YOUR STORY? 
Bring the Reflections theme to life with any of the following categories: dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, visual arts or special artist.  Multiple entries are allowed with an entry form for each submission.  Please turn in completed entries to Room 404 by October 12th.  Click HERE for entry form and specific category rules.

School Volunteer Procedure
Greenville County Schools (GCS), in an effort to ensure the safety of all of our students, is implementing additional security checks for school volunteers.   Effective immediately, all volunteers must submit an application to the school and receive clearance from the district before interacting with children in the school or chaperoning any school field trip.  Volunteers are now identified by two different categories:  Level I or Level II.  Please review the details from the district website HERE and submit your volunteer applications to Sevier's front office.

Join the Chess Club
chess club imageStudents interested in joining the Chess Club should complete and return a permission form to Mrs. Haack in Rm 202.  CLICK HERE for a permission form with details.

One to One Device Requirements
Before purchasing device insurance to allow a student to take their device home, parents must watch the following One-to-One Device Orientation video and complete the online form.  Staff will verify prior to accepting payment. This is a one-time fee. Those who have already paid the $25 premium will not have to pay a second time.  

  1. View the following instructional video.  (CLICK HERE to view)
  2. Complete the online form (CLICK HERE to access)
  3. Print and complete the 1 to 1 Device Agreement to have ready to turn in with payment. (CLICK HERE to access)

School Athletics & PlanetHS
All Greenville County Schools are now using for school athletics. This is the method for completing all required athletic forms in order to participate in any school athletic program. Both students and parents will have to create accounts, then link them together in order to finish the forms. There is also an option to receive updates and notices via text and/ or email.  CLICK HERE for instructions and to access the complete manual.

2016 Volleyball
Congratulations to our athletes on the Volleyball team:Hailey Bergenthal, Zoe Buddie, Leah Chappell, KaLisa Coles, Courtney Duckett, Kendall Foster, Hannah Hand, Lia Hege, Ashley Ho, Sydney Kender, Kenli Knox, Caroline Mathis, Shaler Reeves, Abigail Stake, Anna Stanton, Elizabeth Terry, and Kennedy Tillery.   Managers:  Addy Nagy, Sydney Kaminsky, Lily Rhodes, Adaline McCormack, Reagan Glynn, and Kendra Wentzel.  CLICK HERE for the game schedule.

2016 WHHS D-Team Schedule
Good luck to our 7th and 8th graders playing WHHS and GHS D-Team football. CLICK HERE for the WHHS schedule. 

Sexuality Education Course Exemptions
As part of the Greenville County Schools Health Education Curriculum, students taking  PE/Health Education at Sevier will take part in an age appropriate, abstinence based Sexuality Education Course.  Students may be excluded from the sexuality education component of the Health Education Program if the curriculum conflicts with the family’s beliefs.   Prior to instruction, schools mail parents information regarding the opportunity to preview all sexuality education instructional materials, and the parent’s right to exempt his/her child from any portion or the entire unit.   Sevier will have its Sexuality Education materials on display for preview for 1st Semester from 9/12/16 to 9/23/16 and for  2nd semester from 1/23/17 - 2/4/17 .  Opt-Out forms have been mailed home.  CLICK HERE for a copy or visit the front office for an extra copy.  Parents wishing to exempt their child from the Sexuality Education Course must complete the Opt-out form and deliver it to the front office in person.  Students may not turn in Opt-Out forms.  First semester classes will be held September 9/26/16 - 10/7/16 for girls and 10/17/16 -  10/28/16 for boys. Second semester classes will be held from 2/6/17 - 2/17/17 for boys and from 2/21/17 - 3/3/17 for girls.

Yearbook on Sale
yearbook imageYearbooks are are on sale for $35, the lowest price of the year.  Prices will increase as the school year continues. The option for personalization is $5 extra and icons may be added to personalization for $3.00 per icon. Turn in order forms and payments to the front office or order online.  CLICK HERE for an order form.  CLICK HERE to order online.

Enrichment Program
Our Enrichment program begins September 23rd and is held 18 Friday mornings during the school year.  Please CLICK HERE for details.

PTA Fuss Free Fundraiser
Support our PTA’s Fuss Free Fundraiser held through September 30th. The entire school will have an Ice Cream Celebration if we meet our $5000 Fuss Free September 30 benchmark. Thank you to the following businesses for their Sponsorship: Vision Screenprinting & Graphics, Sharp Business Systems, Sliced Tomato Productions, Hunt Orthodontics, Pro Pitch Hit Run, Mathnasium of Greenville-Taylors, Craft Stove Store, Beauty for Ashes, Atticus Creative, ProCore Pest Control, Summers Orthodontics, Professional Engineering Associates, Wings on the Run, and House of Raeford Farms.