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Enabling Offline Access on a Chromebook

Students and parents may use the following resources to enable Offline Access on a Chromebook.
Directions to Accessing Google Classroom Files and Websites while Offline
Accediendo a Google Classroom Archivos y sitios web sin conexión
Enabling Offline Access to Google Docs on a Chromebook

School Closure & eLearning Updates


Map of Sites for Free Meals / Wifi

Please view the  attached Interactive Map that GCSD has developed showing where WiFi and meals are available through the GCS FANS feeding program.  Red pins indicate meals and WiFi, blue pins are for WiFi access only. 

Greenville County Schools continues to expand its Wi-Fi coverage for families across Greenville County. In addition to opening two new feeding/Wi-Fi sites on Monday, GCS will provide Wi-Fi via school buses to 20 additional sites that include Dollar General Stores, QuikTrips, and other community locations. Buses will be parked at these sites from 7 AM – 7 PM, Monday through Friday.    
All food distribution and Wi-Fi sites are available on the attached GCS food & Wi-Fi map.   Locations are categorized by color: Red locations provide food and Wi-Fi, Blue locations provide Wi-Fi at GCS schools, and Yellow locations provide Wi-Fi only (20 new locations).

GCS has added two new feeding/Wi-Fi sites starting Monday, March 30, at
• Grove Station Apartments, 1 Lakeside Road #20, Greenville, SC 29611 and 
• Juanita Butler Community Center, 2 Burns Street, Greenville, SC 29605

GCS District eLearning Support Page

The GCS District has created the attached eLearning webpage for parents, teachers, and students to access critical information during the closure.  


GCS Authentication iconStudents should complete the GCSD Authentication process when using home or non-Greenville County School District Wifi.  This process will help some connectivity issues and allow students to access district approved webpages.  If a student's Chromebook is showing that it is connected to Wifi, but it is not accessing webpages, then the GCSD Authentication process will most likely fix this issue.  The student's Chromebook must be connected to WiFi before it can reach the GCSD Authentication page.  Please use the attached GCS Authentication Instructions to guide you.  The GCSD Authentication Icon is located on the menu bar at the bottom of the student's Chromebook screen. 

Parent Volunteer Opportunities & Signups

Parents, please consider volunteering and review the following volunteer opportunities using the attached signup links.  We appreciate your involvement and support.
2020-2021 Sevier PTA Committee Chairs

Parents Guide to Google Classroom

Parents are welcome to review the attached Parent's Guide to Google Classroom for helpful information.

Handwashing Information

Help stop the spread of germs!  Handwashing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick. Learn when and how you should wash your hands to stay healthy by reading the following handwashing informational document.
Handwashing document - English version
Handwashing document - Spanish version

Order Your Yearbook!

yearbook clipartDon't forget to order your yearbook.  All orders are online this year.   Go to Jostens.com to order.      If you have questions,  please contact Mrs. Blakely at ablakely@greenvilleschools.us.

Parent Backpack

parent backpack logoParent Backpack is an online application that replaces the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  With Parent Backpack, you are able to view your child's grades, school attendance, lunch balance and any discipline incidents when you are logged into the system.  Parent Backpack works on any device and is mobile friendly.   Parents are reminded that once they have created their online Parent Backpack account, they must link their students using their Student ID (found on their progress report, report card, or class schedule).  After this process is complete, parents must then visit their child’s school and present their government issued photo ID in order for the school to approve their pending request.
Parents will find Parent Backpack on the GCS Portal Page GCS portal logo
Parents are welcome to use the following instructional resources.
Parent Backpack instructional video
Creating a Parent Backpack Account
Creating a Parent Backpack Account (Spanish)
Parent Backpack Setup Instructions Flyer (English & Spanish)

My School Bucks

Did you know you can pay for school meals, check your child's account balance and view items purchased from your computer or smartphone? Try the district's safe and convenient online meal payment program to receive account balance notifications, make a one time deposit or set up automatic payments by visiting My School Bucks