Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a library card? Students of Pelham Road Elementary School have a library card available on their first visit to the library. The library cards are kept in the library so students may use when they visit.  

How do I borrow library books? The circulation desk is located just beyond the main entrance of the library. The staff will be able to help you check out library materials. 

What are my responsibilities when I checkout library materials? When students go through orientation they agree to take care of library materials so that they will be in good shape for the next user. We do not charge fines if books are overdue. Just renew the book to avoid an overdue notice. If a book is lost or damaged the student is expected to pay for it or make arrangements before any more library materials can be checked out. 

Where do I return materials? When the library is open, you should return materials to the book drop located in front of the Circulation desk. When the library is closed, you will need to return materials in the drop box at the library door. 

How do I find library books? Students learn how to become independent users of the library. They learn about the sections of the library, how books are organized and how to use Destiny Quest, our online patron catalog. It can be used at home or school. If students need assistance the staff is here to help.

Does the Library need any Volunteers? Volunteers are important to our program. Please contact Mrs Edmonston if you are interested.

When are Books Due? All library materials can be checked out for 10 days. Students in grades 3-5 have a flexible check-out system. Teachers arrange for students to check-out books in small groups.  Kindergarten-2nd grade return their books on their designated day. If students participate in the Accelerated Reader program the teachers may send them down during the day to exchange books.

What is the Check-Out Policy? Students in grades K-1 are allowed to check out one book at a time. If students participate in the Accelerated Reader an additional book may be checked-out. Students in grade 2 may check-out two books at a time. Students in grades 3-5 may check out three books at a time. Overdue notices are sent to teachers periodically. Media Center hours are from 7:45 until 2:30 each day. Teachers may send students in small groups to check out books. Kindergarten - 2nd grade classes visit the library weekly at a scheduled time.

What are the Rules of the Library Media Center? Each student has a library card to check-out library materials. The library card is located in the student's class bin at the circulation desk. If a teacher would like a group to come down for research they must have a note by teacher.

Rules for Good Listening

Check your hands, feet, eyes, ears, lips

Rules of the Library

  • Respect others
  • Take care of the tools you use
  • Stay on task


  • Warning
  • Time out
  • Behavior report to teacher