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Free Meals for All Students

icon: lunch bag with banana and juiceDue to a recent USDA waiver, Greenville County Schools is providing free school meals to all students for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year. There is no requirement to complete an application to receive this meal benefit. It applies to meals served to students when they are attending school in person, participating in eLearning, and attending the Virtual Program. Breakfasts and lunches are available daily at all schools.

5-Day Attendance Plan

F2F Phase-In Attendance Plan 5All remaining elementary students in the traditional school program (not Virtual Program) will be moving toward full-time in-person classes. This phased-in return to the classroom has already started with 1st grade students, and will continue with K4 and K5 students who will be able to socially distance by utilizing extra space in school facilities and splitting time between the teacher and the aide. Other elementary grades will return on a staggered schedule using a combination of plexiglass, masks, and a specific classroom layout to ensure safety.

4K & 5K

Week of October 12: Students will attend Monday or Tuesday, based on color group. Students will attend Wednesday & Thursday, October 14 & 15.
Week of October 19: First full week (4 days because October 23 is a Professional Development day).
Week of October 26: First full 5-day week.

Students will be expected to wear masks when moving through the building.

1st Grade

Week of September 30: Students attended Monday or Tuesday, based on color group. Students attended Wednesday & Thursday, September 30 & October 1.
Week of October 12: First full 5-day week.

2nd Grade

Week of October 19: Students will attend Monday or Tuesday, based on color group. Students will attend Wednesday & Thursday, October 21 & 22.
Week of October 26: First full 5-day week.

3rd Grade

Week of October 26: Students will attend Monday or Tuesday, based on color group. Students will attend Wednesday & Thursday, October 28 & 29.
Week of November 2: First full week (4 days because Election Day is November 3).
Week of November 9: First full 5-day week.

4th Grade & 5th Grade

Week of November 2: Students in Blue and Green color groups will attend Monday. Tuesday is a school holiday due to Election Day – no students attend. Students will attend Wednesday and Thursday, November 4 & 5.
Week of November 9: First full 5-day week.

By the week of November 9, all elementary students will be attending full five-day weeks. This phased-in schedule is contingent upon plexiglass supplies arriving on time and the COVID-19 spread-rate remaining at a manageable level. Again, this plan does not impact students in the GCS virtual program.

Visual Phase-In Schedules Visit GCS for Details

CogAT and Iowa assessments for 2nd graders

icon: cognitive testTesting Information for In-Person Second Graders

Students in second grade will be administered the CogAT and Iowa assessments as part of South Carolina's Grade 2 Gifted and Talented Assessment Program. South Carolina State Board requires districts to test all enrolled (in-person and virtual attendance plans).

 In-Person Students Parent Letter

Testing Information for Virtual Second Graders 

If your child will be attending the CogAt and Iowa testing sessions, Nov. 2nd, 4th, and 5th, please arrive in the front carline at 8:15 am.  Staff will be out front to receive your child and provide you with a car tag for dismissal.  Please return to school through the front carline at 10:45 am, with your car tag hanging in your window, on each testing day.  Some testing sessions will take longer than others, so you may have a brief wait upon your arrival.  Staff members will bring students out to the carline at the completion of testing each day.  Do not forget that all students must wear a mask upon entering our school building.  Also, students will need to bring two, sharpened number 2 pencils, a water bottle, and a snack.  

Virtual Students Parent Letter

Please review the letters (linked above) for further details. If you have any questions, please email Tracy Winetroub.

Deployed Troops Wishlist Donations

logo: Blue Star MothersPelham Road Elementary is pleased to again collect donations for deployed troops stationed overseas. All items collected will be given to the Blue Star Mothers Greenville Upstate who assemble holiday care packages and ship them to our U.S. troops.

Donations will be accepted starting on Monday, October 12th and will end on Veterans Day, November 11th. Collection boxes will be located in the Grand Hall for wish list donations. You can also choose to make a monetary donation to help cover shipping costs for the boxes. Thank you for anything you can do to help support our troops and show them we're thinking of them back here in the States!

📦 Deployed Troops Wish List 💵 Shipping Cost Donations