Important updates for 2020-2021

The window for junior and senior students to purchase parking passes will open on 1/18 and run until 1/21.  As with prior years, the mid-year cost will not change from the initial purchase price.  Additional spaces will not be provided to sophomore students.  Students who wish to park must follow the guidelines outlined on this webpage and submit all required information using their school e-mail.  Students who submitted the required valid documentation will receive an e-mail with payment instructions on 1/22.  Students are responsible for checking the dates on the documentation provided.  Applicants submitting an expired registration, insurance, or license information will be denied.  Passes will be provided to students during lunch on 1/25 and 1/26 in the front office.  Students may not park on campus until they have received their parking tag.  This will be the last opportunity for students to purchase parking passes this year.

Passes must be purchased using MySchoolBucks, and all forms must be submitted in a digital format as we are not accepting paper copies. Please download the parking pass application from the MHS website and complete ALL requirements detailed in the packet. 


  • Students MUST be clear of all outstanding debt before a parking pass will be issued (Check your student e-mail for debt notices)
  • Passes are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, and passes will not be held back for 2nd semester
  • The GCSD has waived the tech fee for this year and is no longer a requirement
  • Passes not picked up by Labor Day will be refunded and given to other students

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the permit process and look forward to a great 2020-2021 school year.

Where is My Parking Space?

Use the images below to help you locate your numbered parking space.

Parking Forms & Instructions

2020-2021 MHS Parking Pass Application

1. Ensure you meet all qualifications listed in the application. 

  • CURRENT and VALID SC license
  • CURRENT and VALID SC registration
  • CURRENT and VALID SC insurance
  • 2020-2021 Class dues paid
  • Clear of outstanding debt (Check your student e-mail for debt notices)

2. Complete, sign, and have your parents sign your application.

3. Go to MySchoolBucks and purchase your parking pass

4. Log into your GCSD Google account using your student e-mail

5. Complete the 2020-2021 MHS Parking Application Submission Form

  • Documents will no longer be accepted via printed copy or e-mail
  • Each document must be submitted as a single image (ex. license, registration, and insurance may not be combined into one image)
  • Images must be clean, crisp, and easily read
  • Applications containing difficult to read images will be rejected, and you will be contacted to resubmit images

6. Upon submission, a confirmation of your submission will be e-mailed to you.  Please know that the completion of the application form does not guarantee a spot, as all documents must be verified.

When Will I Get My Parking Pass?

Parking passes will be given to students during the first two weeks of school based on their attendance schedule.