Bienvenue sur le site Nationale Société Honoraire de Français pour l'école secondaire de Mauldin!! This site is for parents and students alike to hopefully persuade you (or your child) to pursue French as a second language. Our motto, L'homme qui sait deux langues en vaut deux, which means "The man who knows two languages is worth two men", shows our faith in how important a second language is. We hope you enjoy, merci.

About the French National Honor Society

The Société Honoraire de Français (The French National Honor Society) at Mauldin High School is part of a national organization whose intent is to recognize high school students who have maintained excellent grades in more than 2 years in French language class.

Members are required to be enrolled into French 4, or a senior in French 3, with a high grade point average overall (3.45). In addition, an inductee must have an A in French class during the semester the student is selected to be inducted into the organization.

Being in this organization may earn you many scholarships for college. There is also a Greek letter association for the National French honor society called the Pi Delta Phi.

At the end of the year there is une remise des prix (an awards night) where Mme McGee will give out awards. Also, seniors will receive a blue, white and red chord to wear at graduation (only when 50 points have been earned).


Madam JerriLynn McGee 864-355-6581