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Ag Science Students
Mauldin High Spirit
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End of Year ASL Club Meeting

Join the ASL Club for our last meeting of the year! The meeting will be held in the Auditorium on Thursday, May 20th, at 8am. In addition to the regular information, be prepared to hear about Elections and plans for next year!

Mavs Mindful Monday

Welcome to our twenty-third Mavs Mindful Monday!  These tips and tools will help you build a tool belt when you become stressed, or overwhelmed.  We encourage you to check out the presentation as we conclude our Mindful Mondays for the year with a new series on perspective.  This week’s presentation is on the "Impact of  Your Perspective”.  We look at how your perspective can not only change how you look at life, but change your life.  We also talk about a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset and share some tips on how to change your perspective.  We hope you enjoy. 

Also, don’t forget we would love to hear how your experience with this week’s (or any other week’s) tip went.  Feel free to fill out the challenge form on the last slide with a few quick questions and let us know about it. 
To see the entire list of Mindful Monday tips check out the MHS Social Services website.

Student & Parent Survey

The Educational Accountability Act of 1998 specifies that “school report cards should include information in such areas as evaluations of the school by parents, teachers, and students.” Student, parent, and teacher opinion surveys have been designed to measure the perceptions of three (3) factors:

  • Home and school relations
  • The school’s learning environment
  • The school’s social and physical environment

The student, parent, and teacher survey results for the annual state report card are included in the Student Safety section of the state report card.  Please take time to read the letter from Mr. Peake with additional information regarding the survey.


The survey can be found online at: https://ed.sc.gov/surveys/parent-survey/

You will need the following information to complete the survey:

  • Mauldin High School BEDS Code / School ID: 2301014    
  • District: Greenville         
  • School: Mauldin High

Thank you for your participation and insight.

First Page Friday

Welcome to this week’s First Page Friday.  On Fridays, Mrs. Beaman will feature a “taste” of a book the library has to offer.  If you are interested in checking out the book you can stop by the library, or you can place it on hold in Destiny and we will deliver it to your classroom.  Virtual students may also put the book on hold and we will leave it in the main office for you to pick up. 
This week  we will feature the book “Refugee” by: Alan Gratz.  Alan Gratz is an awesome historical fiction author.
Josef- Berlin, Germany 1930s
Isabel- Havana, Cuba 1994
Mahmound- Aleppo, Syria 2015
In this story you join three kids on harrowing journeys.  Even though they are separated by continents and decades, shocking connections tie things together in the end. 
To check out the entire list of First Page Friday features, check out the MHS Library Website

Middle School Cheer Payment

Current middle school students who will be in the Mauldin High cheer program during the 2021-22 school year are asked to use the MySchoolBucks link below to make monthly payments.

Make a Payment

Mavs Matter Neon Fun Run

Monday, May 17th 7-8pm
Mauldin Middle Track
Walk/Run 1 mile for Mental Health
$5 per person

Event Flyer

Register Today


VIRTUAL Students Final Exam Schedule

Students and Parents/Guardians of Students in Virtual Classes:

Please see the information below regarding the final exam schedule for VIRTUAL students.  VIRTUAL learners will take their exams by course rather than by class period.  This schedule is designed to provide a clear testing window for our virtual learners, free from conflicts as many are double or triple blocked.  By giving virtual students testing windows by course, we significantly reduce potential confusion and anxiety by removing the need for students to work out individual exam schedules with their teachers based on each student’s specific conflicts. 

Below you will find the VIRTUAL testing schedules and some critical notes for EOC courses, AP Exams, and general procedures for VIRTUAL exams.

12th Grade Virtual Students

English – Monday, May 17th from 8:45 am until 11:45 am

Math – Monday, May 17th from 12:45 pm until 3:45 pm

Science – Tuesday, May 18th from 8:45 am until 11:45 am

Social Studies – Tuesday, May 18th from 12:45 pm until 3:45 pm

World Language – Wednesday, May 19th from 8:45 am until 11:45 am

CATE Electives – Wednesday, May 19th  from 12:45 pm until 3:45 pm

Fine Arts Electives – Thursday, May 20th from 8:45 am until 11:45 am

PE Electives and Other Electives – Thursday, May 20th from 12:45 pm until 3:45 pm

Makeup Exams – Friday, May 21st from 8:45 – 11:45 by appointment with the teacher

9th - 11th Grade Virtual Students

English – Wednesday, May 26th from 12:45 pm until 3:45 pm

Math – Thursday, May 27th from 8:45 am until 11:45 am

Science – Thursday, May 27th from 12:45 pm until 3:45 pm

Social Studies – Friday, May 28th from 8:45 am until 11:45 am

World Language – Friday, May 28th from 12:45 pm until 3:45 pm

CATE Electives – Tuesday, June 1st from 8:45 am until 11:45 am

Fine Arts Electives – Tuesday, June 1st from 12:45 pm until 3:45 pm

PE Electives – Wednesday, June 2nd from 8:45 am until 11:45 am

Other Electives – Wednesday, June 2nd from 12:45 pm until 3:45 pm

Makeup Exams – Thursday, June 3rd by appointment with the teacher

Please be aware of the following items:

  1. IF a student is enrolled in an Algebra 1, Biology, English 2, or US History class, they MUST take their EOC at the assigned time, IN-PERSON at Mauldin High School.  EOC information is posted below in a separate announcement.
  2. IF a student is taking an AP course, they MUST take their AP exam at the assigned time, IN-PERSON at Mauldin High School.  AP exams schedules are posted below in a separate announcement.
  3. Virtual exams are required to be taken during the times listed above
  4. Mr. Peake must approve any request to take an exam outside of the course window or as a makeup
  5. For digital exams, the teacher will open their exam at the start of the window and close the exam at the end of the exam period
  6. For project-based exams not requiring a multiple-choice test, teachers may set a final submission date and time separate from the schedule above
  7. Virtual students who have returned to the building in a lab setting will take their exams in their lab at the times listed above
  8. Virtual students who have returned to the building in a classroom with their assigned classroom teacher will test during the class period
  9. Students enrolled in two classes in one subject area will need to work with the teachers to schedule an opportunity to take one exam on the assigned day and the other on the makeup day

Mavette Payments

Middle school students who are members of the Mavette dance team should use the link below to connect to MySchoolBucks to make payments.

Mavette Payments


Athletics Youth Summer Camps

MHS Athletics is excited to offer Youth Camps this summer!  Please check the webpage linked below to register or learn more about these terrific opportunities!

Youth Camps

  • Baseball Camps
    • K5 - 2nd Grade
    • 3rd - 6th Grade
    • Middle School
  • Volleyball Camp

Attendance Update for 100% Student Attendance

Students, Parents, and Guardians, please review the important information provided below regarding student attendance on the 100% attendance plan. This information will help to communicate and clarify the expectations set by the Greenville County School District and implemented here at Mauldin High. If you have specific questions after reading the information below, do not hesitate to reach out to our attendance team for clarification.

  • If a student is absent on their former eLearning day, they must be marked absent. Accurate in-class attendance is critical for various reasons, chief among them internal accountability for a student's location during each class period. In the event of an emergency, we want to account for the location of each student in our building.
    If a student is absent, a phone message will go out noting the absence. Again, this will help with accountability for the location of each student. We have had occasions where parents were unaware a student had self-elected to remain home on their optional virtual day.
  • To assist with the accuracy of attendance for those who stayed at home with the permission of a parent or guardian, we will use a virtual attendance/engagement report to correct attendance for those students who logged in and worked from home on their virtual days. This report will be run one day after in-person attendance is entered by the teacher.
  • Students who appropriately logged in, completed work, and can thus be confirmed as engaging in school during their eLearning day will have their attendance changed, and the student will be marked "Virtually Present" the day after their scheduled eLearning day.
  • Please note that parents will not be asked or required to call our attendance office and verify they knew their student was absent. Please allow 24 – 36 hours for a virtual learner's attendance to be changed from "Unexcused" to "Virtually Present" after an eLearning day.

EOC Information for In-Person and Virtual Students

In-Person Students - EOC Information

In-Person Students, Parents, and Guardians, please see the information below regarding End of Course (EOC) testing for the 2020-2021 school year.

State law mandates that students enrolled in Algebra 1, Biology, English 2, and a US History course must take a state-created End of Course (EOC) exam.  Algebra 1, Biology, and US History are multiple-choice tests only.  English 2 is a combination of a multiple-choice exam and a writing exam.  Each exam for in-person students will be administered in their assigned classroom with their assigned teacher.  To accommodate this testing, we will move to a block schedule effective May 17th.

Our 2020-2021 EOC testing window will open on Monday, May 17th.  From May 17th - 21st, students enrolled in an English 2 class will complete the writing portion of their exam.  From May 24th - 27th, all students enrolled in Algebra 1, Biology, English 2, and a US History course will complete the multiple-choice portion of their exams.  

Please read the letter from Mr. Peake with vital information regarding the EOC exams and process.

MHS End of Year & Exam Calendar

Virtual Students - EOC Information

Virtual Students, and Parents and Guardians of virtual learners, please see the information below regarding End of Course (EOC) testing for the 2020-2021 school year.
State law mandates that students enrolled in Algebra 1, Biology, English 2, and a US History course must take a state-created End of Course (EOC) exam. Algebra 1, Biology, and US History are multiple-choice tests only. English 2 is a combination of a multiple-choice exam and a writing exam. Virtual learners are required to take the EOC in person, on campus, using a school-issued device.  To provide the best testing environment for virtual students, we will test by content area on specific days in the old gym with desks spaced according to social distancing guidelines. 
Our 2020-2021 EOC testing window will open on Monday, May 17th.  The test dates for each subject as follows:
English 2 Writing - May 17th at 8:45
Algebra 1 Multiple-choice - May 24th at 8:45
Biology Multiple -choice - May 25th at 8:45
English 2 Multiple-choice - May 26th at 8:45
US History - May 27th at 8:45
Make-up Exams - May 28th at 8:45
Please read the letter from Mr. Peake with vital information regarding the EOC exams and process.

MHS End of Year & Exam Calendar

AP Testing Information and Schedule

AP students and parents should review the following slideshow for information about upcoming AP Exams.  All students, including those who are virtual, must report to campus for their designated testing time/day.

AP Testing Information & Schedule

High School In-Person Students can Opt for Full-time Return Beginning April 26

*Pending passage of legislation

A bill requiring South Carolina school districts to offer the option of full-time, in-person instruction no later than Monday, April 26 regardless of the community’s COVID incidence rate is expected to pass the House on third reading today. Once approved, the resolution will go back to the Senate where quick passage is expected.  

Greenville County Schools is preparing to meet the legal requirements of this mandate. With students on eLearning this Friday, we will remove all plexiglass at the high school level.  Desks will be arranged in rows with at least 3 feet between each desk.  This means that students will not be able to follow the social distancing guidance recommended for our current community incidence rate, but will be seated 3 feet apart without plexiglass.

It is important to note that this only impacts students who are already in our brick and mortar program or those who wanted to be in-person, but were placed in the Virtual Program due to a lack of space. High school families currently in our brick and mortar (traditional) attendance plan will have the option to attend school five days or to remain on the 75% attendance schedule, beginning Monday, April 26.  Students who remain on the 75-percent plan should continue to participate in eLearning on their at-home days.

Learn More

Senior Yard Signs

It’s Graduation Time!  Help support Mauldin Athletics and honor your graduate with a Mauldin Yard Sign!

Order Yours Today!

End of Year Calendar

The 2021 End of Year Calendar and Schedule is now available.  The calendar highlights important upcoming events including AP exams, EOC's, Senior and underclassmen exams, and Chromebook return days.  Students and parents should note that a modified block schedule will begin May 17 to accommodate Senior exams and End of Course exams.  

End of Year Calendar & Schedule

Senior Parade 2021

The Class of 2021 Parade is currently scheduled for May 20 at 7pm (time/date are subject to change and will be finalized in May).

Participating Seniors are encouraged to decorate their cars with the theme of "life after high school/next steps" and/or a Maverick theme celebrating the Senior Class of 2021. 

Suggestions include:

  • College/University colors
  • Military branch
  • Career related theme
  • Maverick Class of 2021 theme and school colors

We look forward to celebrating our Senior Mavs!

Graduation & Senior Information

The updated Senior website is now available!  Seniors and parents should visit this website for the most up-to-date information regarding the Class of 2021!  Students and parents are encouraged to check back often as new information will be added from time to time.

Senior Website

Graduation 2021 will be held at Bon Secours Wellness Arena on Friday, June 4th at 4:00 pm.  Additional information can be found on the graduation webpage within the Senior website.

Tutoring Opportunities for Students

Numerous tutoring and extra help opportunities are now available to MHS students!  Visit our tutoring website to learn about these opportunities and choose which session works best for your schedule.

Learn More and Sign Up Today!

Boy's and Girl's Golf Donations

Help support our Golf Teams by making a donation today!.

Boy's Golf Donations

Girl's Golf Donations

Important Information Regarding 75% Student Attendance - Beginning Jan 19

The student attendance schedules are changing to 75% attendance beginning January 19.  New safety protocols have been put in place to ensure a safe learning environment.  Students and parents should review these changes and expectations in the document shared below.  A revised attendance schedule is also available below.

Procedures & Updates

Attendance Schedules (by color group)

District Attendance Roadmap

MHS to Transition to Block Schedule 2021-2022

Beginning with the 2021-22 school year Mauldin High School and all GCS high schools will be transitioning to a block schedule.  This change will not impact the courses we offer or your child’s opportunity to take non-core courses of interest to him or her. In a block schedule, students take four courses at a time, with each course lasting a semester instead of a full year.  Class periods will increase from 50 minutes to 90 minutes long.  There are pros and cons to every type of schedule, but block allows more time for hands-on engaging projects and requires the students to focus on just four subjects at a time.  Additionally, there is an opportunity for schools to share resources, teachers will have a smaller student load each semester, and, with the opportunity to earn eight credits each year instead of seven, there is more room in student schedules to take advantage of electives, Career Center Courses, Fine Arts Center offerings, dual credit classes and other experiences that support Graduation Plus.