About Heritage Elementary

Principal, Mrs. Heather Hester

Who are we? We are the Heritage Family! We are 600+ students strong, with our parents standing solidly behind us. We are a wonderful blend of unique faculty members who are led by strong administrators. We live in a community rich with traditions that enable us to look excitedly forward to the future!

Mission Statement

The Mission of Heritage Elementary is to foster lifelong learning in a global community by providing innovative, quality, inquiry-based educational experiences, which emphasize critical and creative thinking. Comments are welcomed!


Our facility is relatively new. It was created out of necessity, when the former Travelers Rest Elementary School was suddenly declared to be unsafe and its students and teachers were re-located to nearby Gateway Elementary until a new facility could be constructed. In August of 1994, students and faculties from the former Ebenezer and Travelers Rest Schools joined to establish Heritage Elementary in a new facility located on Geer Highway, just across the road from Northwest Middle School.


Located in Northern Greenville County, we enjoy a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge mountains from our front doors. Since we occupy a former rice field, it will be some time before our landscape boasts tall trees and thick lawns. However, we have begun a serious landscaping effort that employs the efforts of both students and staff, and already are enjoying a variety of plant life that graces our school's main entrance and playground areas. The facility's perimeters show evidence of student landscaping efforts and provide an ever-changing array of colors with each season.


Our student population continues to increase each year, and we anticipate a flurry of growth over the next decade in this part of Greenville County. Once our students enroll in Heritage, they tend to stay in the area, which keeps our population fairly stable.


We are a unique blend of experienced and recently trained teachers who work side by side for our students. Any given day will find our teachers involved in a variety of before and after-school endeavors geared at enriching the lives of our students. We serve on over twenty committees that make our day-to-day routines flow more smoothly, and provide opportunities to work together outside the classroom setting.

Vision Statement

We envision a school...

  • in which learning is exciting for everyone.
  • which uses community resources and technology to enhance instruction.
  • which will prepare students to be lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and international competitors. in which learning is exciting for everyone.
  • where students are allowed to be risk-takers.
  • in which self-esteem and self-discipline are nurtured.
  • in which students are encouraged to respect others and to take responsibility for their actions.
  • that is respected as a model for other schools.
  • in which it is as important to access and use information as it is to acquire it.
  • in which educational activities are accessible to the community.
  • in which all students are respected for their goals, dreams, and cultural backgrounds.
  • in which all students have the opportunity to reach their potential.
  • in which education is the cooperative effort of the students, parents, school and community.
  • where no topic is too small or too large to investigate.


  • We believe the school must provide a safe, caring environment that encourages and supports students in reaching their potential.
  • We believe the school must provide an intellectually challenging environment in which students can develop a vision for their futures.
  • We believe that educating our children must be a cooperative effort of students, home, school and community.
  • We believe that the school must instill basic values and knowledge to function successfully at work, at home and at play.