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Greenville County Schools Dress Code

Fisher students are sometimes allowed to break from Fisher Dress Code for special occasions such as Jeans Days or School Picture Days. On these days, students are asked to wear clothing that abides by the Greenville County Schools Dress Code. Please refer to the GCSD code when choosing what students will wear on these days.

Student Directory Information and COPPA

Greenville County Schools believes that technology is an important resource for enhancing the education of students with the most effective web-based tools and applications for learning. To provide students with access to web-based resources and to comply with federal regulations, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), pertaining to the confidentiality of student information, Greenville County Schools has considered the educational value of and entered into agreements with several third-party computer software applications and web-based services. For more information on COPPA, see: Children's Online Privacy Protection Act – COPPA. For more information on our district's policy on student directory information, see: Student Directory Information Annual Notice.

Parent Backpack

Parents of children attending Greenville County Schools have access to a new and improved Parent Backpack that will help keep them better informed about their children’s academic performance, attendance and much more.

Parents must have an access ID and password to obtain their children’s school information. Because this information is sensitive, parents must pick up the access ID and password in person at their child’s school and show proper identification.  The school will not email, mail or provide the information over the phone.

The Parent Portal can be accessed by clicking on the Portal icon (compass) above, via the district website, or by clicking HERE.  After creating a personalized username and password, parents will have access to their child’s grades, grade history, attendance, teacher comments, student information, and discipline. Parents will also be able to change account preferences such as email address, username and password. Click here for instructions explaining how to create an account.

Erin's Law

Parents, please click this link to read more about Erin's Law instruction.

Bus Contacts

The district has established an e-mail account for parents to e-mail the district Transportation Department with questions or concerns they may have. The e-mail is Please include your child's address, school, and phone number where they can be reached.  Please click on the school bus to update your student's bus transportation status for the next school year.

Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resource Guide for the Upstate of South Carolina -- List provided by NAMI

Community Resource Guide for the Upstate of South Carolina -- List provided by The Carolina Center for Behavioral Health

Safe Access to Vital Epinephrine (SAVE) Act

The Safe Access to Vital Epinephrine (SAVE) Act, recently approved by the South Carolina Legislature, allows school districts to store supplies of epinephrine auto-injectors for identified school staff to use in emergencies for students with allergic reactions.

Parents and guardians of students with known allergies should continue to provide Epi-pens for their children. These students will continue to have Allergy Action Plans/IHP developed by the school nurse.

Every Greenville County school has a school nurse and at least 10 first responders who are trained in Epi-pen administration in the case of allergic reactions.

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