Click the headings in Red below to see Fisher students participating in activities all over our school. The videos are edited and produced by Ms. Nicole Smith's Video Production students.

What's in Your Cereal?

7th Grade Green did a project-based unit around the driving question "Do you know what's in your cereal?" In science, students learned about elements in the periodic table and created their own healthy cereal brands. In ELA students presented their products with a sales pitch, and in math they compared prices and graphed their data. Social Studies classes labeled maps of where their elements were discovered and answered the 5 W's. This video was filmed by Alexis Allen and edited by Demetrius Massey.

Mrs. Peay's Class Roller Coasters

This video shows Mrs. Peay's 6th grade science classes creating ancient civilization roller coasters. Students worked in teams to design and build models of workable roller coasters that could be used in a local theme park. This video was filmed and produced by Jaxson Hendrix, one of Mrs. Smith's TV production students.

Beyerle's Birdhouses

In Beyerle's Birdhouses, you can see students in Mr. Beyerle's Intro to Engineering and Design class presenting their specially designed birdfeeders. Alex Lay from McMillan Pazdan Smith challenged students to design and build birdfeeders especially for a specific bird. They followed the engineering design process to complete their projects, then they presented their final products to local business professionals. This video was recorded by AJ Cunningham and edited by Jaylen Mansell and Isaiah Benson.

6th Grade Math

Ms. Weldon's 6th grade math students worked on different stations to practice one-step equations. Station 1 was task cards at a table, and Station 2 was a pixel art activity. Station 3 was a search-and-find problem solving activity on the cabinets. With Pixel art, students answered questions using Google Sheets, and when they answered all of the questions correctly, the boxes colored themselves in and revealed a fun picture at the end. Ms. Weldon and her students always love these! This video was produced by 8th grader Ja'Shun Fleming.

Automation and Green Architecture

In this Automation and Green Architecture Reel, 8th Grade Automation and Robotics (GTT) students worked on an autonomous potentiometer sensor project where they designed a self automated swing bridge or toll booth gate using VEX components. Students used the design process to draw out their ideas, build a functional design, and code their project to work with only robot power. The key part of the project was to use the potentiometer analog sensor which controls the rotational movement of the device. Students also needed to understand how the project connects to engineering careers such as mechanical, electrical, and computer. The project ended with a showcase to family and visitors to share their design ideas. Also in this Reel, we see Alex Lay, an architect from McMillan Pazdan Smith, visiting the 7th grade Green Architecture students, providing background on the field of architecture and introducing their next project challenge. The video was produced by 8th grader Joshua Sherman.

Street Art

The Art 1 students learned about Shepard Fairey, Banksy, and Jean-Michel Basquiat before creating their own "street art." They were tasked with developing a personal statement to make about a person they look up to or a current or historic event. Then, they created sketches, final drawings at scale, color separations, stencils, and final artworks using spray paint. The process is long and tedious, but these 8th graders created beautiful works of art which can be seen throughout the school starting the Monday after Spring Break. This video was produced by produced by 8th graders Anabelle Snow and Aaliyah Dendy.

Black History Month Music Reel

Band and Strings students are playing the song, "Siyahamba" (see-yah-ham-buh), repeating one phrase several times. You will hear the quick words, "We are marching," sung as Siyahamba throughout the piece. The full phrase translates, "We are marching in the light of truth." The old Zulu tune is a folk tune  rewritten by Andries Van Tonder in 1952. The song was sung by many South Africans after Nelson Mandela was elected the first black president of South Africa in 1994.

Fisher chorus students have been learning a variety of African American spirituals in honor of Black History Month. In this video, students in Chorus 1 perform Elijah Rock, arranged by Victor Johnson.

This video was developed by 8th Grade Video Production student Ja'Shun Fleming.

Maze Challenge

Students in Mr. Taylor's 8th Grade Robotics class worked on creating codes that controlled their robot through a series of turns. Critical thinking was required to be successful as the algorithm needed to be just right with the correct steps to defeat the maze. There was a lot of trial and error, but when the teams finally solved the maze, there was quite a bit of excitement. 

This video was developed by 8th Grade Video Production student Jamikious Taylor.

MRE Project

Students worked with partners to research the history of the MRE in Social Studies and studied the nutritional balance needed to fuel an elite soldier, then planned their own meal and calculated the nutritional values in science class. Students then designed and calculated the volume and weight of their meals in math class. Finally, students put their argumentative and persuasive speech lessons from ELA class into practice by writing a speech to accompany their presentations to parents.

This video was developed by 8th Grade Video Production student Anabelle Snow.