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PTA Positions Available For 2021-2022


We are in need of new PTA Board and Committee members for next year.  Please use the link below to indicate your interest in any positions (board or committee) that you may be willing to serve on beginning next year.  Thank you in advance for supporting the students at Crestview by volunteering your time and talents to the PTA.  



Class Photo


Class photos will be done a little differently this year due to Covid procedures.  An envelope with information about how you can purchase a composite shot of your child's class will be going home no later than Friday, February 19, 2021.  The deadline to order these is Friday, February 26, 2021.  Please use either exact cash or a check/money order made out to Strawbridge Studios Inc..  You may also order online at www.strawbridge.net and use the code found on the envelope (there will also be a code to enter on the envelope once you have placed your order).  Please return the envelope if you order a picture for our records to pass them out to you when they come in.  A sample of the composite for this year is below. 



Crestview Turns 50!

The countdown is on….. Crestview turns 50!

Let’s celebrate all year by having a trip through the decades!

Each month we will dress for each decade until we reach 1970, the year Crestview was born.

Starting in January, we will have a dress up day each month as we count down to our birthday celebration in May!

January 29, 2021: 2020 and Beyond: Where will Crestview take you? 

Dress in your best futuristic attire. What will you be wearing in another 50 years?  Think like Star Wars, the Jetsons or Marty in Back to the Future

February 26, 2021: What were your parents wearing in 2000?  

Dress like your parents did when they were in school.


March 26, 2021: Dress like the 90’s  

April 30, 2021: Dress like the 80’s

May 28, 2021: Dress like the 70’s and get ready to party!

At-Risk 4K Program 2021-22

Parents of four-year-old children can apply for the free GCS 4K Program beginning Monday, January 11. Your child must turn four years old on or before September 1, 2021.  Parents can apply online at https://bit.ly/3mHuiH9. If you do not have internet access, call 864-452-0437. Children selected for 4K programs must demonstrate academic or developmental needs and/or risk factors such as low family income and low parent education level, but everyone is encouraged to apply.  A child’s primary custodial parent/legal guardian can submit the application. 4K programs for children at risk for school success are offered at various elementary schools and six child development centers. Click here for all locations. The GCS Virtual Program is not available to 4K students. For more information, please email 4K@greenville.k12.sc.us or call 864-452-0437.

Updated Student Handbook for 2020-2021

Parents and Students,

Below is a link to the student handbook for 2020-2021.  Changes to our policies related to Covid-19 are indicated in red.  

Student Handbook

NEW Electronic Student Information Sheet


Please use the link below to fill out the student information sheet for the 2020-21 school year.  This is the sheet that we use to ensure all of our information in our data base is correct.  We MUST have one of these sheets on file for each student.  Thank you for taking care of this before the school year starts.  Please fill out a separate form for each child that attends Crestview.  If you are enrolled in the virtual program, we do not need this form on your child.  


Parent Backpack Sign-Up

Attention Crestview Parents:

Below are links to signing up for Parent Backpack.  It is extremely important for you to sign up this year.  You will get progress reports and report cards through this system as well as the ability to update information that may change throughout the year.  If you need assistance, please contact the school.  

Link to backpack sign up

Link to instructional video

You will need to take a picture of your photo ID and send it to slnorman@greenville.k12.sc.us for final approval.  If you have been waiting for approval, contact Mrs. Norman at the same email to find out what you still may need to do.  Often times it is a simple field that is missing.  You will need this access to view report cards moving forward this year.  .