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Hourly Jobs and Positions Needed in the District

Visit the Greenville County website for job listings.


Connect with Counselors

Our school counselors, Mrs. Stambaugh and Mrs. Hawkins, would like to remind you that they are available during this time to support our students and families. Please do not hesitate to reach out to them with any questions, concerns, or just even just to check in! Our counselors also created a Guidance SEL packet with some great resources for students to practice self-regulation and self-care skills during this ever changing time. If you would like to touch base with one of our counselors, their information is listed below:

Caelin Stambaugh (K5 - 2nd Grade) - (864) 355-3871 

Joy Hawkins (3rd - 5th grade) - (864) 355-3804 

If you are looking for any community resources or websites with helpful information about supporting you and your family through this stressful season, please visit the Counselor's Community Resource page

Eagle News Network - At Home

Your ENN morning news crew misses bringing you the daily news!  Some of our students will start bringing you the news...from home!  We'll be uploading news episodes with new, relevant, and creative segments as the news comes in.  Check out our Bell's Crossing Instagram to see these broadcasts, or find them in our ENN At Home Google Drive folder.  We hope you enjoy seeing our ENN crew faces as much as they love bringing you these new segments.

eLearning Through April 30

eLearning is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, March 18.  You can visit the Greenville County Schools eLearning Page for the most current district information.  Grades 3-5 will participate in eLearning during school closure through April 30. Student assignments will be sent through Google Classroom and can also be accessed using the links below.

5th eLearning Days 1-10    (alternate printable assignments)                           5th eLearning Days 11-18

4th eLearning Days 1-10     (alternate printable assignments)                          4th eLearning Days 11-18

3rd eLearning Days 1-15     (alternate printable assignments)                           3rd eLearning Days 11-18

Related Arts assignments for Grades 3-5 were shared via Google Classroom but can also be printed here.

Challenge Curriculum can be accessed by students in the Challenge Google Classroom.

Students in K-2nd grade do not have district-issued Chromebooks. As a result, these students will have printable materials available (see below). 

2nd eLearning Days 1-10                               2nd eLearning Days 11-18

1st eLearning Days 1-10                                1st eLearning Days 11-18

Kindergarten eLearning Days 1-10                Kindergarten eLearning Days 11-18       

Related Arts assignments for Grades K-2 

Teachers will be available through office hours each day using the contact information provided on individual teacher websites.

Our school counselors have also created a Social Emotional Take Home Packet to use with your children during the month of March.  

Quick Chromebook Help

Downloading Student Assignments to Chromebooks

Instructions for downloading student assignments to chromebooks can be found here: Accessing Google Classroom and Accediendo a Google Classroom.

Trouble Connecting to Websites

If you are using your school device at home and are having trouble connecting to websites, your device most likely needs to be authenticated.  Use these GCSD Authentication Directions to do this on your device.

Trouble Logging Into My Child's Google Account

Watch this quick How to Sign Into Google Tutorial for how to get your child logged into his Google account.  Google Classroom can also be accessed through Backpack using these Google Classroom Through Backpack directions.

What is Google Classroom

This short Google Classroom Parent Tutorial will give you a quick peek at Google Classroom.

Chromebook Repairs

Student Chromebooks that require repair during this school closure can be swapped out for another device at one of our four Career Centers during the hours 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Thursday. We will be stocking each Career Center with 500 spare devices. This will be a drive-through repair center where parents and students do not need to get out of their cars.  If the parent cannot get to a Career Center, they should contact the District Help Desk at 355-4357.  The closest career center to Bell's Crossing Elementary is Golden Strip Career Center, located at 1120 East Butler Road Greenville, SC 29607.

Internet Access

If your child is going to be at a location without internet access, you can set his Chromebook Drive settings to "offline" so that work can still be accessed.  You will need to be connected to the wifi to do this.  GCSD has amped up the Wi-Fi signal at all school locations so students can connect from cars in the parking lot.  Do not come into the office to connect to Wi-Fi as we are trying to maintain social distancing as much as possible. You must be connected to wifi to access Google Classroom and to set Drive to "offline" mode, but once that is completed the docs will be available to be accessed offline.

ARMES Nominations for 2020-2021

It is once again time to nominate rising 3rd-8th graders for the GCS ARMES (Arts Reaching Middle and Elementary Students) program.  This program is for students identified as artistic gifted and talented and will be served through an after school program at The Fine Arts Center.  Want to nominate your child?  Follow the Parent Nomination Procedure.  Students may qualify in music, art, dance, creative writing, and drama.  Students may be nominated and audition for as many areas as they have interest but once accepted into the program can only participate in one area per year.  A separate nomination form for each discipline is required. Anyone can nominate a student including teachers, parents, other adults, or self.  Visit the ARMES website for more information including online nominations. Nominations will be open from February 6 through April 8, 2020.

Purchase a School Shout Out!

Do you want to recognize your child in a special way?  Is it his birthday?  Did she earn a new belt in karate?  Did he spend the weekend volunteering at the humane society?  Whatever the accomplishment, recognize your child with a special shout-out on our morning news program!  Visit the ENN Website for more information and to submit the form electronically.

You may also purchase a personalized message to be shown on the electronic sign in front of our school.  To do this, complete the PTA School Sign Form and return it to the school.  We look forward to celebrating your child!

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