SIC - School Improvement Council

What is the School Improvement Council?

A School Improvement Council (SIC) consists of parents, Staff, and  Student Representatives.

The Duties of the council include:

  1. To assist the principal with the preparation of the annual school improvement report.  (This centers around the indicators of an effective school mentioned earlier and is required by the School Finance Act of 1977).

  2. To gain knowledge concerning the purposes and goals of the school.

  3. To disseminate information to other parents and citizens within the community.

  4. To clarify information concerning the school program.

  5. To offer for consideration to school principals suggestions concerning program improvements with respect to student needs and program operation, within the school area or district.

According to Draft By-Laws, all council meetings are open to the public and anyone showing an interest in the council and its activities are encouraged to attend.  Persons interested in presenting at a council meeting may request to be put on the agenda no later than seven days before the meeting date.  Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month and begin at 11:30 a.m.

Welcome Elementary School Improvement Council


SIC Members: 

Anna Keith Teacher
Miriam Rios Chairperson & Parent Involvement Coordinator
Fallon Finley Instructional Coach
Jennifer Carter Instructional Coach
A'Leah Richardson Communities in Schools
Sako Zadoian Community Partner
Mary Kathryn Kuehnert Community Partner
Miriam Torres Parent
Hope Fern Parent
Kate Richardson Parent 
Janet Harvey Community Member