PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. This system is an effort to create a positive school community with consistent expectations in all areas of the school. From the hallways to the playground, from the cafeteria to the restrooms, PBIS helps Welcome students understand what is expected of them and provides motivation to comply with those expectations. We use Pack Paws and Paw Tickets to help us remember what to do in every area of the school!

Our School Matrix



Paw Tickets

Students can earn Paw Tickets by displaying behavior on the PBIS matrix. These tickets will be given by any staff member (administrators, teachers, assistants, front office staff, cafeteria employees, bus drivers, and custodians) so there will be opportunities to earn them throughout the day and throughout the school. Displaying proper behavior will earn students plenty of Paw Tickets. Students will be given the opportunity throughout the year to "spend" the tickets they have collected.

Pack Paws

Classrooms earn recognition in the form of Pack Paws when they display behavior on the PBIS matrix. This year students were divided into "Wolf PACKs" . Our PBIS goal this year is simple: Earn as many PACK Paws as possible! Do you know which PACK your child is in? 




Students who do not comply with behaviors in the matrix will have consequences as stated by the individual classroom teacher's behavior management plan.