Student Registration Information


Registration - Students must be registered by their parent or legal guardian. A student's legal name should be used for enrollment.


Click here for the Greenville County Schools Enrollment Documentation and Checklist for Parents

Kindergarten And First Grade

Children who will be five years old on or before September 1 of the current year must enroll in public or private kindergarten, unless the parent or legal guardian signs a waiver. Any child who will be six years old on or before September 1 of the current year must enroll in first grade. To enroll a new student in the child development program for four-year-old children, kindergarten, or first grade, a parent must present the following at registration:

Schools also require a student identification number. Social Security numbers are requested. If a child is entering school for the first time, the parent is encouraged to register him or her before the opening day of school. To determine where your child will attend school, call INFOLine at 241-3100



4K Pre-Registration Information

1. Please pre-register early!

2. Children must turn four-years-old on or before September 1 of the current year to be considered.

3. Parents can pre-register at any Greenville School District elementary school or child development center.

4. Children do not have to live in the school attendance area to pre-register at that location.

5. Parents must present a birth certificate and two forms of proof of residence at the time of pre-registration. 

Accepted forms of proof of residence include:

_____ Current utility bill (electric or gas) displaying address of residence and a billing date within past 30 days)

_____ Closing statement for home or current mortgage statement showing property address (not mailing address)

_____ Current signed lease agreement with name and phone of landlord 

_____ Most recent state or federal income tax return

_____ Current paid tax receipt on real estate owned by parent/legal

_____ Property tax form requesting homestead exemption

_____ Current statement from DSS or other governmental agency which proves residency of the parent/legal

_____ Voter registration card

_____ Current paycheck stub with address of residence Special cases: (if applicable)

In the case of a parent/legal guardian and child residing at a particular address with another adult: a valid notarized affidavit and two proofs of said adult’s residence (check two on list above) or other (contact the Coordinator of Student Assignments for validation)

6. Screening appointment cards will be mailed in late April and screenings will be scheduled early June. 

7. Pre-registration does not guarantee enrollment in GCS 4K program. Children selected for 4K programs must demonstrate academic/developmental needs and/or risk factors such as low family income and low parent education level. 

8. Screened children will be ranked district-wide and those most at-risk for school success will receive initial assignments.

9. Notification of 4K program acceptance will be mailed to parents in July.


Transfers From Other School Districts

A student transferring from another school system in South Carolina or from another state must provide his or her previous school transcript, social security number, birth certificate, and a South Carolina Immunization Certificate. An out-of-state student must take his or her immunization record to a doctor, health department, or child’s school nurse to receive a South Carolina certificate. New residents may temporarily enroll their children in school for 30 days with a special exemption issued by the school until an immunization certificate can be obtained. Existing immunization records and/or out of state certificates may be evaluated by your child’s school nurse who is authorized by the Health Department to issue a SC Certificate if all of the requirements have been met. If a certificate is not presented to the school at the end of the 30 days, the student will no longer be allowed to attend school.