Tanglewood Middle School Title I 2019-2020

Title I is the largest federally funded educational program. This program, authorized by Congress, provides additional funding to school districts to assist schools with the highest concentration of student poverty. This is to help schools meet the educational needs and goals of their students. Schools receive Title I funds based on the number of students qualifying for free or reduced meals. Approximately, 95% of our students qualify for free/reduced meals.

All professional faculty at TMS are highly qualified [HQ]. This means they are certified in their teaching area, maintain a current SC professional certificate and stay up to date with innovation in technology.

Parents and students are our clients. We have a responsibility to address their needs, questions or concerns. Parents have specific rights to know what is going on in their child’s school life. We encourage our parents to contact the school [administration and staff] when a need arises.

 Greenville has learning opportunities in your neighborhood. Go to SCAfterschool.com. You will find one or more extended day and summer locations that offer academic, social and athletic activities for our students. Click here for BOOST contact information.

 Tanglewood Middle School Title I Funding is used in the following ways:

  • Pays teacher salaries to reduce class size for 9 classroom teachers
  • Provides Universal (Free) Breakfast for all students 
  • Supplies technology, such as computers, eBooks, eTextbooks, and other technology equipment and supplies
  • Provides Instructional materials such as math manipulatives and  books
  • Provides Title I Social Worker, Jasmine Elrod 355-4526
  • Provides Title I Nurse, Charlene Owens 355-4507
  • Provides Title I Facilitator, Shannon Faulkner 355-8857
  • Provides Parent Involvement Coordinator: Tomasa Quiles-Franklin 355-4506 (Habla Español) 
  • Provides Parent Involvement workshops and other opportunities
  • Links to family and community services
  • Translator available 
  • Assistance with health, food banks, clothing, and community agencies
  • Title I District Academic Consultants: -Language Arts; Amy Amidon-Mathematics
  • Provides three days after school tutoring (October-April) 

The Title I Staff provide a variety of services to and resources for the school and community.

The district Title I staff asked parents to offer suggestions for improvement to the District Parent Involvement Policy. Each school sent copies of the policy to parents. 

Click on any of the following links to learn more about services or resources supplied by Title I staff.