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New Schedules for 6th Grade

Dear Parent/Guardian:

We are off to a wonderful start for the 2020 – 2021 school year. Our first five weeks have been full of excitement, anticipation, and changes.

As we have reviewed information and feedback from students, parents, and teachers, the administration of Tanglewood Middle School has determined that making a change to the 6th grade schedule is in the best interest of our students.

As a result, your students will have a schedule change starting Monday, September 28, 2020. This schedule change will allow for our 6th grade teachers to focus on one academic area instead of two. This will allow teachers to be more available for our students as they transition to middle school.

Parents and guardians, we thank you for your patience as we prepare our students for success and academic growth.


Dr. Graysen Walles, Principal



Bike Club Starting Soon!

The Tanglewood Bike Club, an initiative through Momentum Bike Club and Clemson University,  will be starting soon.

Below is the form link that Parents/Guardians and their students should fill out to indicate participation in the Bike Club this year. 
All students, including those that are returning MUST have a completed form as part of the Clemson Risk Management Protocol. 

If there is more than one child per household, a form must be completed separately for each. 

Click to register for Bike Club

email Ms. Phend at mphend@greenville.k12.sc.us for more details

Blue White and Gold Days

In our continuation in celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, we are asking for each student
to wear traditional Spanish speaking countries colors each Wednesday and or Thursday.

This Wednesday, September 24th, and this Thursday September 25th,
the colors will be blue and white or blue, white, and gold which represent the colors of:
Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Uruguay.

Students, you are allowed to wear jerseys and hats that match the colors blue and white or blue, white and gold.

Backpack Registration Drive

Did you know that Backpack is the primary way to receive updates for student assignments and other important information? 
That is why we really need every parent to sign up for backpack right away!  

Please click this button to register Click to register for Backpack

and this button to learn more Click to Learn More About Backpack  

This is very very important to complete.   Your student's success may depend on this registration.

All grades will compete to see who can get the most sign ups, and whoever wins gets a pizza party. 
Once again, we really need every parent to sign up for backpack right away, 

TDAP Shot Clinic

image of a person with a needle
 Friday September 25th at Lakeview Middle School 3801 Old Buncombe Road Greenville, S.C

By Appointment: 9:00am- 12:00pm and 12:30pm-3:30pm

To make an appointment please call: 864-454-2341 or 864-380-9869 If you wish for your child to participate in our vaccine clinic, you will need to complete this form TDAP Consent Packet  and bring it with you to Lakeview Middle at your scheduled time.  We will have printed packets available at the front office at Tanglewood Middle school.  

In order to receive the vaccine, the parent/guardian must call the number identified in this notification and make an appointment.  We only have room for students who are currently on the exclusion list. Typically, these students are not current on their vaccinations and have been notified that they need this vaccination to remain in school.  If you have questions please contact the nurse at Tanglewood Middle school at 864-354-4507. 

This is a drive through clinic and in addition to the TDAP, they can get other vaccines include a flu shot!
The student MUST have the packet that is attached completed when they arrive to the clinic. If you need a packet feel free to come to the school so we can provide you one.  They will be in the front office.  
Prisma has agreed to offer this to kids with insurance, without insurance, and with Medicaid. In other words, if they do a packet, they are not going to turn them away!

Smile! It's Picture Day!

Virtual students in the same groups may come in from 2-5pm on their assigned day.  No one but the student is allowed in the building.  Order before picture day on mylifetouch.com use code EVT9PSQSG


Access to health care is available to students, whether they are enrolled as virtual or as non-virtual!

photo of students text says school based health centers access to health care is available to students whether they are enrolled as virtual or as nonvirtual

Click for flyer in English  Click for flyer in Spanish

Staffed by a pediatrician and a pediatric nurse practitioner, the Prisma Health-Bradshaw Institute School-based Health Center is a medical clinic within your child's school that offers health care services. Due to the current attendance plan of one in person school day per week, our health care providers are currently available through virtual visits.

On days that students are physically in school, the school nurse will have telehealth equipment that allows us to talk to and examine students virtually- similar to facetime. On days students are elearning at home, they can access us by doing a virtual visit through MyChart. Students’ chrome books are allowed to access Prisma Health MyChart for virtual visits.

We can’t test for COVID-19, but students can be evaluated to see if they need testing. If they need testing, we can order it and it can be done at Prisma Health’s drive thru testing site.

For students to be seen by our team, parents will need to fill-out consent paperwork. The packet is available at your school, or you can print your own from the link on your school website. Once the paperwork is turned in, the student will be able to see us anytime this school year.

For more information- ask your school nurse, visit www.ghschildrens.org/community-pediatrics.php or contact Melinda Lavallee-Turner, Community Pediatrics program coordinator at the Bradshaw Institute for Community Child Health & Advocacy, at. Call us at 864-454-2341 to schedule a virtual visit in MyChart!


¡El acceso a la atención médica está disponible para los estudiantes, inscritos como virtuales o no virtuales!

El Centro de Salud Escolar del Instituto Bradshaw de Prisma Health, que cuenta con un pediatra y una enfermera pediátrica, es una clínica médica dentro de la escuela de su hijo que ofrece servicios de atención médica. Debido al plan actual de asistencia de un día escolar en persona por semana, actualmente nuestros proveedores de atención médica están disponibles a través de visitas virtuales.

En los días en que los estudiantes están físicamente en la escuela, la enfermera de la escuela tendrá un equipo de telesalud que nos permite hablar y examinar a los estudiantes virtualmente, de manera similar a FaceTime. En los días en que los estudiantes están aprendiendo en casa, pueden tener acceso a nosotros haciendo una visita virtual a través de MyChart. Los libros Chrome de los estudiantes permiten acceder a MyChart de Prisma Health para hacer visitas virtuales.

No podemos hacer pruebas para COVID-19, pero se puede evaluar a los estudiantes para ver si necesitan pruebas. Si necesitan pruebas, podemos ordenarlas y se pueden hacer desde el auto en el sitio de pruebas de Prisma Health.

Para que nuestro equipo atienda a los estudiantes, los padres tendrán que llenar los formularios de consentimiento. El paquete está disponible en su escuela, o puede imprimir el suyo propio desde el enlace en el sitio web de su escuela. Una vez que se entreguen los papeles, el estudiante podrá vernos en cualquier momento de este año escolar.

Para obtener más información, pregúntele a la enfermera de su escuela, visite www.ghschildrens.org/community-pediatrics.php o póngase en contacto con Melinda Lavallee-Turner, coordinadora del programa de Pediatría Comunitaria del Instituto Bradshaw para la promoción de la salud infantil en la comunidad ¡Llámenos al 864-454-2341 para programar una visita virtual a través de MyChart!

Registration opening for Bell After School program for 6th and 7th grade students

The BELLxcel program will be offering open enrollment for all sixth and seventh grade students for the program opening online September 15.

Each student will have access to two teachers to assist with classwork and homework and enrichment opportunities.

The program is from 4:30 to 6:30 Monday through Thursday.

Enrollment is online so you will need to fill out the link. 

This is the link for registration


Tanglewood Enrollment

How do I enroll my child at Tanglewood Middle School?
Please contact Mrs. Hinrichs at 864-355-4515 or shinrichs@greenville.k12.sc.us.  At this time, we are only enrolling by means of appointments due to COVID-19.  We are excited that we are your school of choice, and look forward to serving your educational needs.  

New Students to the District:  2 Proofs of Residency (utility bills, mortgage receipts, residential tax statements), The last report card, Parent ID, Birth Certificate

Transfers:  2 Proofs of Residency (utility bills, mortgage receipts, residential tax statements), Parent;s ID

Returning to the District: 2 Proofs of Residency (utility bills, mortgage receipts, residential tax statements), Parents ID

Student Registration form - Spanish
Student Registration form - English
Transportation Form - English and Spanish

So You Want to Come Back to the Traditional Campus!

If you have found that you would rather have your student attend the traditional campus program, please click here to complete the wait list form.  Students will be transferred back to the campus based upon space availability.  This list will be prioritized by "first come, first serve". 

There is no guarantee that your student will be allowed to return to the campus.  If we have space, we will work with you to get your student back to the traditional campus program.  Thanks for your patience and support during this time.  Complete the form included in this announcement and we will call you if there is space for your child.  

New Student Supply List

Parents the current 2020/2021 is up and ready.  Please click here for a copy.


Tanglewood Middle School Dress Code 2021

Families, the 2021 dress code for Tanglewood Middle School is now available.  Click here for a copy