Summit Drive School Improvement Council

School Improvement CouncilSchool Improvement Council, or SIC, was initiated by South Carolina legislation over 20 years ago as a means of assuring the influential voice of parents and community members in the education of their children. Some SIC members are appointed, some are elected and some are members because of their job. Summit Drive meets monthly at 12:00 noon. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you have questions please contact one of the members of the council or attend one of our meeting.

Key Functions of SIC

  • SICs work with the school to develop and implement a five-year school improvement plan (school renewal plan).
  • SICs monitor and evaluate success in reaching the plan's goals and objectives.
  • SICs write an annual report to parents about the progress of the plan.
  • SICs assist the principal in writing the narrative for the School Report Card.
  • SICs advise on the use of school incentive awards and provide assistance as requested by the principal.

2022-23 SIC Members

*New members to be determined

  •  Anne Kelsey-Ziebert- Parent and SIC Chair
  • Kelly Hellams– Principal
  • Jan Barrett – Admin. Assistant
  • Sharon Cohen-Community Member/Parent
  • Barry Jimmerson- Community Member
  • Tony Harder- Community Member
  • Laura Beth Medley- Parent
  • Ron Werntz- Community Member
  • Nikale Anderson- Community Member
  • Taylor Dockter Community Member
  • Melissa Cline- Parent
  • Doug Webb- Parent
  • Jenni Dixon – Guidance Counselor
  • Gresham Brown – Instructional Coach
  • Devin Moore – Teacher of the Year

Meeting Dates

September 8, 2022
November 10, 2022
December 8, 2022
February 9, 2023
March 9, 2023
May 11, 2023

SIC Documents