About Summit Drive ES

Mission Statement

Our school is helping all students develop the world class skills and life and career characteristics of the Profile of the SC Graduate by providing a challenging learning environment infused with a project-based curriculum and a climate that fosters integrity, perseverance, global perspectives and interpersonal skills.

  The teachers are highly motivated professionals with strong academic backgrounds 75 percent of the faculty have earned master's degrees and/or National Board certification. By combining traditional and modern methods of teaching, the Summit Drive teaching team offers a well-rounded educational environment for all students. A wide variety of instructional techniques are used to make learning a meaningful and enjoyable experience. 

Instructional Program

A wide variety of instructional techniques are used to make learning a meaningful and enjoyable experience. An integrated approach is emphasized throughout the curriculum - reading, math, science, social studies, and language arts are woven together to bring relevance to the child. A hands-on approach is used to make learning a more enriching experience for the student through activities like project based learning.

Laptops and Chromebooks are available in each classroom along with movable classroom sets and a computer lab where students can learn activities such as keyboarding skills, internet safety, coding and graphic design activities.  Each classroom is equipped with an interactive Promethean Board and our science lab contains video conferencing equipment for the purpose of conducting virtual field trips.  

A strong emphasis is placed on the individual needs of each child in every aspect of the educational program.

Community Partnerships

Active parent volunteer groups and business partners support the instructional program and school facilities. The Parent Teacher Association has received district and state recognition for its outstanding service to children. Local businesses, colleges, and churches are active helpers in the life of the school program.

Characteristics of Summit Drive