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Design Thinking
 Design Thinking

Design thinking is a process used to solve problems in the world. It begins with empathy and ends with students sharing their prototypes with the world.


Entrepreneurial Design
Entrepreneurial Mindsets

We develop students who have an entrepreneurial mindset. Being an entrepreneur is more than starting a business - it's a mindset that can change the world.


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Extended Day Registration 2021-2022

Parents can register their children for Summit Drive's Extended Day Program 2021-2022. The registration fee is $40 per family (not per child). The cost for attending is as follows:

  1 day 2 days 3 or more days
1 Child $18.00 $29.00 $46.00
2 Children $29.00 $52.00 $74.00
3 Children $40.00 $75.00 $97.00
4 Children $52.00 $97.00 $122.00

To register, click on the following:

Summit Drive Extended Day Program Registration Form

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