Monarch Marathoner’s Running Club

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do parents drop off the kids for running club (car line, front of school, back of school….etc.)? Drop off at the front of the school (where the buses drive in) at the "emergency lane". There is a yellow chain at the front of this lane. We will gather there to start our run & pass out lap tracking tags.

What time should children arrive to participate? We will start the club at 7:15am. If they arrive a few minutes before or after, that is fine. But I will start with stretching right at 7:15. I realize bus riders are sometimes early & sometimes a little later. That's fine. Please do not drop off any children unless an adult volunteer is present!

Will parents need to leave their vehicle at the time of drop off or will an adult be present to greet the kids? An adult will be present to greet & gather kids. Parents will be able to drop off right at the emergency lane so you shouldn’t have to park & leave your car. However, Please do not drop off any children unless an adult volunteer is present! We are also looking for parent volunteers to help greet kids at 7:10am so let me know if you're interested! :)

What time will an adult be present for running club? By 7:10am. We stay with the kids until 7:45 when everyone goes into the school.

Will backpacks be kept outside or placed inside the school during running club? They will be kept outside. We normally have all the kids leave them on the sidewalks. If it's wet outside due to rain overnight, I'll bring a tarp to put backpacks on so they don't get wet.

Are the 5K races mandatory for participation? No. They are optional.

If it is raining on a Tues/Thurs or both days will there be make up days and if so how are these announced? If it is raining hard enough to require an umbrella (more than just misting) we will not have running club. We will not have make-up days either. That is the reason we have 2 days/week. Anytime Running Club will be canceled due to weather, an email (and perhaps text if preferred) will be sent by 6:30am. We also will not have running club if the temperature is 32 degrees or below according to

I see that I can participate with my child, is it okay that I bring her baby sister/brother in the stroller? You may bring your other child(ren) as long as they stay with you. One year we had a mom volunteer and she would bring her daughter in the stroller and walk/run along with the kids with her daughter in the stroller too. That is totally fine!

Can you give me a little more detail about what they will be doing? Our main goal for running club is for the kids to learn to love/like running and exercise and to see the benefit of small amounts of exercise. We will have very brief - like 5 min or less - lesson on some aspect of running (i.e. stretching, pacing, breathing, body benefits, etc) and then run laps as a group. Kids are also encouraged to run on their own when they can outside of running club and they are allowed to track that time or distance toward their yearend awards. Over time we will encourage kids to increase distance or pace but initially everyone goes very slow and we stress going at your own pace.

Will you let me know what the club is doing each week? Yes! Each Sunday night we plan on sending an email updating you on how running club is going and showing you the total distances the kids have run so far.

If my child is a safety patrol or on the news team, can they still participate? Yes! They will just run every other week. Their personal running time or distance outside of our club mornings will also count toward their totals.