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Upcoming Events

  • 1st Grade Wax Museum
    Teachers in the 1st Grade Wax Museum
  • Monapalooza 2019
    Our Greatest Show - Monapalooza 2019
  • Monarch's Got Talent
    Monarch's Got Talent - Mrs. Hodnett's Class
  • Monarch's Got Talent
    Monarch's Got Talent - Monarch Men

Monarch Matters

End-of-Year Testing Schedule

State Testing/End-of-year Dates:

Thursday, May 9 - SCREADY ELA Day 1, 3rd grade
Friday, May 10 - SCREADY ELA Day 1, 4th and 5th grades
Monday, May 13 - ELA Day 2, 3rd grade 
Tuesday, May 14 - Make-up testing day 
Wednesday, May 15 - ELA Day 2, 4th and 5th grades

Thursday, May 16 - Make-up testing day
Friday, May 17 - SCREADY Math, 3rd grade
Monday, May 20 - SCREADY Math, 4th and 5th grades
Tuesday, May 21 - Make-up testing day
Wednesday, May 22 - SCPASS Science - 4th grade
Thursday, May 23 - SCPASS Social Studies - 5th grade
Friday, May 24 - Make-up testing day
Monday, May 27 - Memorial Day - no school
Tuesday, May 28 - Make-up testing day
Wednesday, May 29 - Make-up testing day

                                - Fifth grade day
Thursday, May 30 - Make-up testing day
Friday, May 31 - Make-up testing day

Monday, June 3 - Make-up testing day

Tuesday, June 4 - Make-up testing day

Wednesday, June 5 - Make-up testing day

EDP Registration

EDP registration is now open! Go to the EDP website for more information. The EDP website is located in two places for easier navigation: at the bottom of the home page in the "Essentials" box; and under the Parents tab on the menu bar.

In Loving Memory

Mrs. Sandra Brown