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Downloading Resources for Offline eLearning

Instructions for downloading material to student Chromebooks are here: Accediendo a Google Classroom...  and Accessing Google Classroom...

Both of these documents (as flyers) will be available for pick up at mobile Wi-Fi and meals sites by Tuesday. 

Monarch eLearning Lessons

Please see the table below to access eLearning lessons.

5th Grade 4th Grade 3rd Grade 2nd Grade 1st Grade Kindergarten
5th - Day 1 4th - Day 1 3rd - Day 1 2nd - Day 1 1st - Day 1 K - Day 1
5th - Day 2 4th - Day 2 3rd - Day 2 2nd - Day 2 1st - Day 2 K - Day 2
5th - Day 3 4th - Day 3 3rd - Day 3 2nd - Day 3 1st - Day 3 K - Day 3
5th - Day 4 4th - Day 4 3rd - Day 4 2nd - Day 4 1st - Day 4 K - Day 4
5th - Day 5 4th - Day 5 3rd - Day 5 2nd - Day 5 1st - Day 5 K - Day 5
5th - Day 6 4th - Day 6 3rd - Day 6 2nd - Day 6 1st - Day 6 K - Day 6
5th - Day 7 4th - Day 7 3rd - Day 7 2nd - Day 7 1st - Day 7 K - Day 7
5th - Day 8 4th - Day 8 3rd - Day 8 2nd - Day 8 1st - Day 8 K - Day 8
5th - Day 9 4th - Day 9 3rd - Day 9 2nd - Day 9 1st - Day 9 K - Day 9
5th - Day 10 4th - Day 10 3rd - Day 10 2nd - Day 10 1st - Day 10 K - Day 10
5th - Day 11 4th - Day 11 3rd - Day 11 2nd - Day 11 1st - Day 11 K - Day 11



The district has built an eLearning webpage for parents, teachers, and students to access critical information during the closure.  You can click on the eLearning image for quick access to that site.

A Message from Mrs. Overman


We know this is a difficult time for everyone.  Students will begin eLearning on Wednesday, March 18.  Teachers will be sending an email daily by 7:45 a.m. on school days with the eLearning for that day.  Teachers will have virtual office hours from 7:45-2:45 on the school days with eLearning to answer student and parent questions.  Teachers will not be sending eLearning for multiple days at one time because that will be too difficult to manage for everyone.  Students in grades 3-5 will also have the eLearning posted in their teacher’s Google Classroom.  There will be additional STEAM, P.E. and other enrichment posted on the Monarch website for your use.  As a reminder, there will not be eLearning on Friday, March 20, or Monday, March 23, because those were already a teacher workday and a snow day.  The eLearning will also include one related arts activity for your child every day.  If your child participates in RtI, Challenge, Resource, or ESOL these will be listed on the Enrichment slide daily.  The Enrichment slide will also have some “Enrichment for All” activities.  Please make sure that your student does not spend more than 200 minutes per day on school work. 

Thank you for all that you do as we partner together to ensure our children are learning and safe. 

Troubleshooting Help

We understand the difficulty eLearning can place on families, especially with technology. Technology troubleshooting is available Monday - Friday, 7:45 am to 2:45 pm. Please contact Miss Gibson is you need any help!



Meet or Hangouts:

Work Phone: 864-452-0612 (leave a voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as possible)

TIP: If Chromebooks aren't loading sites well, use the GCSD Authentication app. GCSD Authentication AppSign in with your school username and password. You may have to restart and try it more than once for it to work. Also, check to make sure your Chromebook is up to date.

Monarch Enrichment Suggestions

As part of the 200 minutes of daily instruction, some time is allotted for Enrichment lessons. Below are STEAM lessons from Mrs. Payne, physical activity suggestions for wellness from Mr. Pace, access to the state digital library SORA (instructions to login), Carolina Panthers Read Along videos, typing activities, and resources from Scholastic. *NEW: Common Sense Media has created a site called Wide Open School. It has amazing resources for all grades and all subjects. Click on the images below for access to the different resources.

Common Sense Wide Open SchoolCarolina Panthers 3rd and Goal

Scholastic Learn At HomeTypetasticSTEAMSora Digital LibraryWellness