High School Units Program

High School Units Program

  • English Classes
  • Social Studies Classes
  • Math Classes
  • Caring Instructors
  • SC Certified Teachers
  • Teacher-Directed Instruction

Why Earn a High School Diploma?

  • Earn more money
    • Average is $9,700 more per year compared to people without a high school diploma.
    • Estimate $568,000 over a lifetime.
  • Required to enter technical school, college, or university.
  • Minimum requirement for MOST jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the High School Diploma and the GED equivalent?
Not exactly, but they are both a ticket to get most jobs and to enter colleges and universities. 95% of all colleges accept the GED. When you come in for your assessment and registration, our advisors can help you decide which educational path is right for you.

What high school name will be on my High School Diploma?
The name will be the high school that you last attended, or the high school that is in the attendance area where you are living now.