Preparation for Custodial, Food Service, Secretarial, Clerical, and Teacher Assistant Positions
Greenville County Schools

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Greenville County Schools requires all applicants for custodial, plant engineer, food service operator, teacher assistant, bookkeeper, and secretarial positions to successfully complete Workkeys Testing. The WorkKeys test tells the School District that you have the basic skills to do these jobs.

The WorkKeys class will help you prepare for the three WorkKeys tests that you will be taking.


  • Reading for Information
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Locating Information

Scores on the WorkKeys test range from “below 3”  through Level 6. Certificates are awarded based on test scores.

Bronze Certificate: Level 3. Must  score at least a Level 3 in all three skill areas.

Silver Certificate: Level 4. Must score at least a Level 4 in all three skill areas.

Gold Certificate: Level 5. Must score at least a Level 5 in all three skill areas.

Platinum Certificate: Level 6. Must score at least a Level 6 in all three skill areas.


Registration Form:  Make sure that you include the class dates and testing dates you require.

Bring the form to Lifelong Learning, 206 Wilkins St. Greenville, 29605 between 8:00 - 4:00  Monday - Thursday.

Registration must be in by the Thursday before the class.

Register early—classes will fill quickly.

Class and Testing Schedule:

Lifelong Learning at Sullivan Center, 206 Wilkins Street, offers a four day review class to prepare for the test.  The class meets from 8:30 to 12:30, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The WorkKeys test is given at 8:15am on Friday or the following Monday in the Summer.

Where? Lifelong Learning Main Campus at Sullivan Center, 206 Wilkins St. Greenville, 29605


Test: Free for SC residents with a SC picture ID. Without a SC picture ID tests cost $45 for all three. Retests cost $15 per test. The Business Writing test is $25.


Registration Information

If you have already taken the WorkKeys Test and you earned at least a bronze certificate, submit a copy of your scores with your application to Greenville County Schools.

If you have not taken the WorkKeys Test you can sign up for the preparation class (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday mornings) and take the tests on Friday morning.



May 14-17 8:30am - 12:30pm
Jun 4-7 8:30am - 12:30pm
Jun 18-21 8:30am - 12:30pm


May 18 8:15 am (Fri)
Jun 8 8:15 am (Fri)
Jun 26 8:15 am (Tue)


Jun 1 8:15 am (Fri)
Jun 12 8:15 am (Tue)


This is a 2 hour class that will review the
rules for writing the 5 paragraph essay. The Business Writing Test is required for Teacher Assistant positions.


June 13th - Test Only 9:00am (Wed)

WorkKeys Requirements for Jobs in Greenville County Schools

Custodian Level 3 Bronze Certificate
Reading for Information 3
Applied Math 3
Locating Information 3
Plant Engineer Level 4 Silver Certificate with
Reading for Information 5
Applied Math 4
Locating Information 4
Food Service Operator Level 3 Bronze Certificate
Reading for Information 3
Applied Math 3
Locating Information 3
Teacher Assistant/Aide/Media Center Clerk Reading for Information 4
Applied Math 4
Business Writing 3
ISI—Instructional Support Inventory
Request this document from Kathy Woodson
Cost of ISI $25
Level 4 Silver Certificate
Reading for Information 4
Locating Information 4
Applied Math 4

Call Lifelong Learning at 355-6091 or 355-6095 to register for classes, online study with Career 101, and Workkeys testing.